Ways to Cure a Hernia without Surgery


A hernia is a common problem among adults. It is diagnosed in one among ten people through their lifetime. The weakening of the muscular tissues causes them to tear which is the biggest cause of a hernia. The organ starts protruding outwards and even creates a bulge that grows with time. The abdominal contents are pushed through the new opening.

Extra pressure due to excessive straining during constipation, picking up heavy objects and cough are some of the probable causes of a hernia. People suffer from different kinds of a hernia throughout their lifetime. Muscular weakness is one of the potential causes of a hernia. Surgeries using advanced tools and technologies are used to treat a hernia in the recent times.

However, the problem can be cured in the initial stages. When you detect the symptoms of a hernia, you can practice some exercises and yoga to avoid the aggravation of the problem. All the methods are better than the invasive surgeries. Surgeries include major operations and a bed rest for six weeks. Many people turn anxious hearing the name of surgeries. Are there are possible treatment s for people who don’t desire to get operated? Well, there are many alternatives which can be used to treat a hernia without the need for surgery.

Some exercises and a good diet are the best ways for hernia cure without surgery. They strengthen the abdominal muscles. They promote the circulation of oxygenated blood throughout the body and lessen the displacement of the abdominal organs.

Here are some ways to cure a hernia without surgery:

Leg Crossing: The leg crossing exercise needs you to lie down straight on your back. Your hands should rest on the hernia area. Raise your legs about two feet above the ground level. Now moves your legs up and down alternatively. This means if your right leg is up, the left leg should go down and vice versa.

Repeat this for ten times. Take some rest and again do the leg crossing exercising. When done, bring the legs to rest on the ground. The leg crossing exercise avoids the displacement of abdominal organs.

Single leg raise with movement: Lie straight on your back. Place your hands around the hernia region. Pick your right leg and sway it up and down for ten minutes. Avoid the touch of your leg with the ground. Now raise the left leg and move it in a similar way as the right leg for ten minutes. This exercise boosts the strength of the lower abdominal muscles. Practice the exercise regularly for better results.

Tree Pose: Take the posture of Tadasana. All your weight must be on the left foot. Place the inner foot firmly on the ground followed by the bending of the right knee. Hold your right ankle with your right hand.  Lift the right foot and place it on the inside of the inner left thigh. Gently move the right heel to the inner left groin. Toes should point towards the ground.

Place your hands on the upper part of the pelvis. The pelvis must be in neutral position. Move the tailbone towards the ground. Press the sole of right foot against the inner thigh. Exert some resistance with the outer left leg. Fold your hand in the Anjali Mudra. Look at a specific point five feet away at the ground next to you. Maintain the position for a minute. Move back to the Tad Asana and exhale out deeply. Repeat the same with the other leg as well.

Here are some other ways to cure a hernia without surgery:

Take a diet rich in vitamin C and proteins to strengthen the muscle building. Your diet must include lentils skimmed milk, chicken, tuna fish, and beans. The diet you take must have the high fiber content. Fruits and leafy vegetables keep problems such as constipation at bay.

Shepherd herb is an effective herb for treating a hernia. It controls the swelling, inflammation, bleeding and prevents the infestation of problem. Apply the herb as a paste on the hernia region. You can even take herb supplements to strengthen the abdominal muscular walls.

Reduction of the volume of intestinal contents is another possible way. Methods such as intestine conditioning supplements, colon cleansing, and intravascular fat reduction are efficient method to treat the hernia problems. Hernia truss is an undergarment that keeps the bulging tissues in the proper position. You feel comfortable wearing the hernia truss.

These exercises and methods don’t give guaranteed results for the treatment of a hernia. Remember there won’t be any wonders overnight. The muscles will take time to repair and recover.