Here’s Why You Require Vitamin D Supplements


Vitamins are one of the seven indispensable components of a balanced diet. Most of the time, their consumption is neglected and the nutritional requirement is not met. There is a possibility that you might be giving them a miss, unknowingly, as they are found only in a limited number of food items. Cutting down on vitamins can result in serious health issues, though there is no immediate impact.

Primarily, vitamins play an important role as an individual matures. This is because vitamins facilitate growth and development. They also function as metabolism stimulators, antioxidants, enzyme boosters and the like.You can always alter your diet to accommodate an increased intake of vitamins. However, the fact remains that vitamins are to be consumed in limited amounts only.

More often than not, they have to be taken as supplements since a normal diet is unable to provide the required nutritional value. Multivitamin dietary supplements are recommended to meet the diverse vitamin needs. Vitamin deficiency shows up only after a few months, and in some cases, years, in the form of diseases such as scurvy, beriberi, etc.

Vitamin D is a highly ignored vitamin that is not easily available. It is found in unconventional food items such as salmon, yeast, mushrooms, and cod liver oil. Modernization and automation, followed by changed lifestyle have reduced our exposure to sunlight, which is the prime source of this vitamin. It plays a major role in the absorption and synthesis of calcium. Therefore, deficiency of vitamin D can soften the bones causing rickets.

Vitamin supplements are obtainable in two distinct forms – D2, also known as ergocalciferol and D3, known as cholecalciferol. Ergocalciferol is commercially manufactured through exposure of ergosterol found in yeast, to ultraviolet radiations. Similarly, cholecalciferol is produced using dehydrocholesterol. Vitamin D3 is usually prescribed by doctors, though, D2 is equally beneficial.

In the country, milk is purposely fortified with vitamin D to meet the dietary requirements. It is suggested to meet recommended dietary allowance levels through various food items and natural sources. Artificial supplements should be consumed only if this nutritional value is not met naturally. It is important to note that these should only assist the food diet and not replace its components.

There are some of the best vitamin D supplements in the market. You can find them in the form of tablets, capsules and oil drops, the former two being more effective. Some of the best vitamin D supplement options are as follows:

  • Nature’sTrue Medicine – This is one of the best vitamin D supplements. The D3 supplement is composed of soft gels and provides 2000 IU per serving. It helps in reducing fatigue as well as weakness, makes the bones strong and keeps you energized.
  • Trace Minerals – This vitamin D supplement comes in liquid form. This cherry flavored additiveprovides5000 International Units (IU) per serving.
  • Nature Made – Available in the form of adult gummies, soft gels, chewable tablets and dissolving tablets, Nature Made supplements fulfill nutritional requirements ranging from 1000 IU to 10000 IU.
  • Natrol Fast Dissolve – These D3 supplements are available in a delicious strawberry flavor. They provide 2000 IU and are good for bone health as well as the immune system.
  • MRM Vegan Supplements – These do not contain any genetically modified item and satisfy a requirement of 2500 IU of vitamin D3. They are a good option for vegetarians and health-conscious individuals as these supplements are sugar, wheat, egg, fish, and soy free.
  • Now D3 Supplements – These come in both chewable and liquid form and give the body a boost of 400 IU of vitamin D3.
  • New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care – This is one of the best vitamin D supplements and is popular for its plant source. It also contains an amount of vitamin K2 in addition to vitamin D3.
  • Carlson Labs – Available in boxes of 120 and 360 softgels, these supplements provide nutritional value from 400 IU TO 10000 IU. They catalyze calcium and phosphorous synthesis thereby reducing bone pain.
  • Optimum Nutrition – This is one of the best vitamin D supplement brands that focus on delivering vitamin D equivalent to 5000 IU per serving to individuals involved who are involved in sports and strenuous physical work out.
  • Thorne Research – Though this supplement aims at providing 1000 IU per serving, research has found that it actually contains 1300 IU. It is also said that it helps in averting muscle loss.

It is noteworthy that vitamin D supplements should only be taken along with meals for them to be effective. Also, if you are on a course of steroid medicines, avoid these dietary supplements as their reaction can have side effects. In fact, a combination of supplements of both calcium and vitamins is advisable. It is highly common for women to suffer from vitamin D deficiency. It can be controlled by an ideal mix of a healthy diet, supplements, and exposure to sunlight. Although these are some of the best vitamin D supplements, consulting a doctor before consumption of any form of dietary supplement is of utmost importance. Self-prescription can do more harm than good and is, therefore, strictly not recommended.