A Brief Insight Into the Types of Magnesium Supplements


Various studies clearly reveal that around 40 % of the people have a magnesium deficiency. When you are not consuming an adequate amount of magnesium, you become highly prone to health issues and diseases such as depression, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

Magnesium plays a big role in your body
The best magnesium supplements, such as magnesium malate and magnesium glycinate, are capable of addressing this deficiency. You can purchase some of the best magnesium supplements easily from the market or over the counter. Various circumstances lead to this deficiency, and they include Candida parasites, shifting gut bacteria and poor diet. Magnesium has a vital role to play in controlling several important processes inside your body. You can also make use of diets rich in magnesium foods, such as spinach, to increase the levels of magnesium in your body.

Different types of magnesium supplements
You can find different types of some of the best magnesium supplements and each one has its own absorption rates and therapeutic properties.

It can be described as a very well absorbed supplement and is one of the best magnesium supplements available. This one offers a relaxing effect on your body. Magnesium glycinate is an excellent choice for nerve pain or leaky gut. Stress can lead to a magnesium deficiency, but you can easily improve the levels of magnesium with the help of this supplement.

Sulfate, also known as Epsom salt, is highly beneficial for aching and sore muscle and can also be used for detoxifying the body. Since it is not a well absorbed one, you have to be very careful about the dosage. You can purchase sulfate over the counter and the cost of this supplement is on the lower side. This type of magnesium is extensively utilized as a laxative, and you must avoid the consumption of this supplement if you are suffering from sulfur allergies.

High water solubility makes magnesium chloride the most bioavailable type of magnesium. This type of magnesium can be found in seawater and swimming in the ocean can help supply the much-needed magnesium to your body. The magnesium chloride is also an excellent choice for detoxifying your body and it also improves kidney function and metabolism. You can help your body acquire this type of magnesium by mixing in your bath water or using it in the form of topical sprays.

Threonate supplements have the ability to penetrate the cell wall and that is why they are considered as one of the best magnesium supplements. This type also has the capability of permeating the brain and it also improves the functioning of the learning and memory receptors. Threonate supplements are an excellent choice for neurological problems, PTSD, depression, and brain injuries.

Malic acid plays a very critical role in producing energy in your body. The blend of malic acid and magnesium makes a perfect energizing supplement and it is highly effective for addressing issues such as muscle pain, physical fatigue, reduced energy, and fibromyalgia.

Other options available
Other choices available include oxide, citrate, mag water, taurate, and magnesium orotate.

Best topical magnesium supplements
Many people are of the opinion that the best magnesium supplements offer the best results when absorbed through the skin. Topical supplements do not cause any laxative effect because they do not pass through the digestive tract. Magnesium chloride is the one ingredient that is used in making topical magnesium oil. If using the topical oil creates a stinging effect, you can replace it with a topical lotion containing magnesium. Around 200 mg of magnesium can be found in one teaspoon of such lotions. You can make use of chloride or sulfate baths for getting magnesium and they remove the impurities from your body. You would need to add two cups of salts and one cup of baking soda to a hot bath for increasing the absorption rate.

Best oral magnesium supplements
Choosing the best magnesium supplement has a lot to do with the symptoms you have. If you are suffering from any deficiency, you can use magnesium glycinate, while for addressing problems like reduced energy and muscle pain, you need to use magnesium malate. If you suffering from cardiovascular problems, magnesium taurate or orotate is the best option available. In order to solve the cognitive and neurological symptoms, you have to select the magnesium threonate.

Unhealthy eating habits deprive your body of the right amount of magnesium levels. Various micro-floras such as Candida and parasites need magnesium and they absorb a large percentage of your overall consumption. Your body would have to fight for the magnesium you consume, and if you have very high amounts of fungus and bacteria in your body, your body will end up receiving very less amount of magnesium. This situation can be addressed with the best magnesium supplements. You can consult your doctor for the same as he/she would be able to give you an in-depth information about your deficiency and the right supplements that you can consume.