Useful Tips to Dissolve Kidney Stones

Home Remedies

Kidney stones can usually be found in the urethra, a membrane tube that originates from the bladder and discharges the urine and semen from your body. These stones build up over a period when they do not get dissolved within your system. If they remain unattended, they will keep growing without making any external effects. Small stones pass through with urine, but the bigger ones remain in your system. The larger stones are pushed into the narrow ducts called ureters, and they get stuck in this are to cause smooth urine passage. When your body makes an effort to discharge these stones, you experience severe pain in your genitals, abdomen, groin or back. Other symptoms of a kidney stone include nausea, vomiting, abnormal urine color and blood in the urine as well.

How to dissolve kidney stones using home remedies
You can make use of different methods to dissolve kidney stones. If you are wondering how to dissolve kidney stones naturally, here are the most effective natural methods to dissolve kidney stones.

Drink a lot of fluids
As a first step, you can drink plenty of water. Doctors advise patients to drink about 2 liters of water a day. Some stones can be thrown out when you drink a lot of water. This is essentially the first for removing stones. The most preferred option is distilled water because it is 100% pure and the pure water easily mixes with the buildup of the waste. The tones are broken down by the water, and it dissolves them properly. Phosphoric acid is another effective choice available to dissolve the kidney stones, and the soft drinks available in the market contain phosphoric acid.

Drink apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is highly rich in citric acid. It dissolves the kidney stones effectively. You can use cider vinegar even to prevent the formation of stones because of the alkalizing effect it creates on the blood and urine. It increases the hydrochloric acid production in the body to disallow the formation of kidney stones. In order to dissolve stones, you have to blend 8 ounces of water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and this mixture should be taken frequently all throughout the day, particularly before meal times. You can combine this effort by drinking a lot of fresh water to flush out the stones.

Chanca Piedra
Chanca Piedra has been found really effective in dissolving kidney stones. This herbal remedy is capable of breaking down the stones. You must use lab-grade Chanca Piedra to allow smooth passing of the crushed stone materials. The pain associated with kidney stone can be eliminated immediately after the consumption of Chanca Piedra. The recommended dose is to take 400 mg each in the morning and night.

Pomegranate juice
It is a commonly approved fact that pomegranates offer a wide range of health benefits. When it comes to treating kidney stones, you have to use the seeds and juice of pomegranates because of their astringent properties and sour nature. You can drink fresh pomegranate juice or eat organic pomegranates as well.

Organic celery
You can take celery in vegetable form to get rid of kidney stone, and the celery seeds can also be used as a good urine promoter. Regular intake of celery seed as a spice is recommended to enjoy better protection against the stone formation and celery can also be included in the tea to dissolve the stone.

Basil juice
Basil tea is an excellent option to support proper functioning of the kidneys. You can take this tea throughout the day to achieve right uric acid, fluid, and mineral balance. If you are suffering from kidney stones, you can take a combination of basil juice and raw honey (one teaspoon each) daily to find a solution to your problem. Pure basil juice expels stone from the urinary tract in a fast manner.

Kidney beans
As the name suggests, kidney beans are a good option to culminate stone related issues. Since these beans are highly rich in magnesium, they reduce the discomforts connected with a kidney stone. The pods can be utilized as a medicinal tonic. Beans have to be removed from that pod. Then, the pods should be boiled in pure hot water for 5 to 6 hours. This liquid must be strained using a cheesecloth, and it should be cooled down before start taking throughout the day.

How to dissolve kidney stones other than using natural remedies
In addition to these natural remedies, you can use medications like Ibuprofen and Ketorolac to manage pain. Doctors prescribe medications like Diuretics, Allopurinol, and d-penicillamine to dissolve the stone. Surgery is the last option for eliminating kidney stone. Doctors depend on surgery only when the stone is really large, and there are infection related issues. Even after trying these methods if you are wondering how to dissolve kidney stones, various surgical options are available, such as nephrolithotripsy, open surgery, and parathyroidectomy depending on the nature and intensity of the problem.