Get Rid of Low Testosterone Levels With These Effective Treatments

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Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both men and women. The hormone is made in the testes of men and the ovaries of women. The primary function of testosterone is to play a role in puberty and fertility. Low testosterone levels is a condition faced by most men aged above 30; this is a common condition. Testosterone affects the sexual desire to a great extent and can be threatening if the levels drop at an early age. However, there are many treatments for low testosterone problems.

In the case of very low testosterone, the individual loses the drive for sex at a rapid pace, witnesses fatigue, and a prolonged feeling of being low/depressed. Let us first look at some of the initial symptoms related to low testosterone:

  • Erectile dysfunction or inability to maintain an erection
  • Lack of spontaneous erections can also be a symptom
  • Constantly decreasing libido or sexual activity
  • Infertility
  • Massive hair loss
  • Fattening and loss of muscles
  • Depression or brain fog
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Fatigue

Let us look at the treatments for low testosterone:

  • Working out: Intense sessions of exercise can result in the rise of testosterone levels and is a proven treatment for low testosterone. Extensive training is likely to add pressure to your muscles and allow them to grow thereby increasing the testosterone levels in your body. These increases are higher among younger men as compared to older men.
  • Cardiovascular exercises: The main goal here is to lose excessive fat on the body; cardiovascular exercise particularly helps with losing weight, subsequently increasing the levels of testosterone. This can be of great effect to people who are obese, as that is one of the primary reasons for their loss of testosterone.
  • Testosterone boosters: There are many herbal supplements that claim to increase the testosterone levels in an individual’s body. Adopting these testosterone boosters is not the best idea as there is not enough research to back the claims made by these companies. You might find a lot of natural remedies that will treat your low testosterone levels.
  • Include these foods in your diet: Foods that are rich in zinc and vitamin D can help you maintain a stable level of your testosterone as well as provide effective treatment for low testosterone problems. Here is a list of foods that can help your low testosterone levels.
    – Tuna: Tuna is very rich in vitamin D and can quickly ramp up low testosterone levels. It is a food that is low in calories and good for the heart, maintaining overall fitness levels. You could also replace tuna with salmon or sardines if you aren’t a fan of tuna.
    – Beef: Even if there are many health concerns related to the overconsumption of red meat, it can help boost your testosterone levels to a certain extent. Treatment of low testosterone can be quantified to a great extent with red meat as it is high on vitamin D as well as zinc.
    – Egg yolks: Egg yolks have a high level of cholesterol, as well as, vitamin D. Egg yolks work well in the treatment for low testosterone; however, individuals with blood cholesterol issues must avoid egg yolks and opt for a different food item.
    – Fortified cereals: As mentioned above, eggs don’t work best for patients with blood cholesterol. In such a case, fortified cereals could be a good breakfast replacement as they are high in vitamin D as well. They are also high in heart-healthy nutrients, again, helping with overall health.
    – Low-fat milk with vitamin D: You must choose a low-fat variant as it has a saturated level of fat, which in turn, help your low testosterone problem. Along with that, milk is, of course, high in vitamin D, which will improve your testosterone levels.
    – Beans: Beans are the primary food product that helps in the treatment of low testosterone. All three forms of beans, white, kidney, and black beans are key providers of vitamin D as well as zinc. If you are looking to opt for baked beans, it is a wise choice as they also provide you with key nutrients, but you will have to consume them in a large quantity. As an added perk, these beans are stuffed with plant-based proteins and can protect heart health as well.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy: Therapy includes medication prescribed by a doctor to offer treatment for low testosterone levels. There are three types of medications in this process, testosterone in pills and patches, a gel for your skin, and a liquid that you must inject into your body. The therapy not only offers treatment for low testosterone but also eliminates symptoms that cause low testosterone.
  • Testosterone injections: This form of treatment is the quickest among all the forms of treatment for low testosterone. Testosterone injections include high levels of pure testosterone that help in the quick recovery of lost testosterone; however, they also have a few side effects.
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