Top Probiotics Supplements for Treating Various Conditions


Probiotics are an important source of microbial flora. This is a known fact which increases the importance of probiotics in our life. Probiotics are the major source of “good” bacteria and yeast; these are very important for our digestive system and urinary tracts. This importance of having probiotics in our body can be compared to the process of growing a lush green carpet of grass to avoid the growth of other hazardous weeds in your lawn. Probiotics can be consumed through food items and can also be taken in the form of probiotic supplements.

Here is a list of the top probiotics supplements available in the market classified according to the functions they must play for your gut and the type of bacteria provided to effectively treat your condition.

  • Best probiotic for general digestive health
    Island’s Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics:
    This probiotic has a total of 18 different strains that help in improving general digestive health. Each capsule has about 30 billion colony forming units (CFU). The instructions on the box recommend you to take 2 tabs per day to achieve the best results. These tabs are gluten as well as dairy-free in nature, making them even more desirable. This also makes them work best for a sensitive stomach. These tabs do not have a very strong, sour scent or smell like most other probiotics. They are one of the top probiotics supplements because they’re 100% vegan in nature.
  • Best probiotic for antibiotic recovery
    MegaFood MegaFlora:
    A stomach infection can be extremely painful; the main reason for its cause could be the growth of harmful bacteria. This can be treated by a course of antibiotics; however, even if the antibiotic helps your infection, it messes up your immune system and leaves it weaker than before. Side effects include vomiting and diarrhea, which aren’t very pleasing. A probiotic course would help you recover from the havoc that is caused by the antibiotic course; however, there are only a few probiotics that can do this. MegaFood MegaFlora qualifies among the top probiotics supplements as it helps the immune system grow out from the disruptions of the antibiotics.
  • Best probiotic for immune health
    Renew Life Ultimate Flora: Just like the Island’s Miracle probiotics, this is also an everyday probiotic that will help your body maintain a level for “good” bacteria in the body. Renew Life Ultima Flora works best to boost the immunity in your body as well as maintain healthy immunity levels. You must only consume one tablet in a day according to the instruction on the bottle, but if this is prescribed by your doctor, go according to the doctor’s recommendations. Also, make sure you store these tablets in the refrigerator.
  • Best probiotic for IBS/IBD relief
    Dr. Formulas Nexabiotic Advanced Multi-Probiotic:
    The treatment of IBS and IBD symptoms through probiotics has been widely researched, even more than many other pathologies. L. Acidophilus and E. Faecium are the main two strains that must be present in the probiotic that helps in providing relief from IBS/IBD. Dr. Formulas Nexabiotic Advanced Multi-Probiotic has these two strains as well as five other relevant species, and a total of 23 strains including 34.5 billion CFU per serving.

Apart from these condition-based top probiotics supplements, there are a few others that can also be considered as top probiotics supplements based on their potency to maintain a strong immune and digestive system.

  • Probiotics One Daily Support: This is a part of the top probiotics supplements as it gives you a relief in your stomach as well as a rush of energy than your usual self. One of the best advantages is the improvements in your ability to digest meals. Probiotics One Daily Support is allergy-friendly, thereby working effectively even if you have allergies against certain products/food items. You do not need to refrigerate these tablets; it also comes with a 60-day guarantee.
  • Dr. Natura Flora Product: This probiotic is available for $35 in the market and has worked perfectly on the gut and in boosting immunity. It can be taken daily according to the label, but you must consult your doctor for the dosage. It does not have allergy concerns, has a very high strain power, a 60-day guarantee, as well as 8 billion CFU per serving.
  • Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls: Overall, this is one of the top probiotics supplements available in the market. It gives you a generic flexibility as it does not have to be stored in a refrigerator or taken before or after a meal. The only drawback for this probiotic is the lack to provide 100% allergy cover. It costs $39.95 and can be taken daily; it also has 1 billion CFU per serving but has no guarantee period.
  • Hyperbiotics Pro-15: This is considered as one of the top probiotics supplements as it makes up for the lost “good” bacteria at a rapid pace. It also survives about 15x times more than the other capsules in the market. It has a guarantee period which allows you to return the tablets if it doesn’t work well. It also doubles as a specific probiotic supplement or one for a specific ailment, as it allows you to be flexible.