Top Methods to Increase Testosterone


Testosterone is the male sex hormone which is produced in the testicles of men. It is also produced in small amount by the adrenal glands.

The production of testosterone during the puberty age results in physical changes, hair growth and deeper voice of men.

It is necessary to have adequate levels of testosterone during adulthood and old age. Optimal levels of testosterone ensure proper sexual functioning (sperm production) and better health. Testosterone also ensures healthy bones and muscles.

Healthy levels of testosterone are essential for good health. Aging and chronic illness can result in the loss of testosterone. Now the important question is how to increase testosterone.

There are multiple ways to increase the testosterone levels in the body. You can try testosterone-boosting foods and exercises to increase the low testosterone levels.

If you are wondering how to increase testosterone, you may try some of these foods.

Tuna fish is a good source of vitamin D. The protein-rich fish has low calories and contributes to higher testosterone production along with better health. You can eat fresh or canned tuna daily to get a proper dose of vitamin D. Sardines or salmons are also rich in vitamin D.

Low-fat milk
Milk contains calcium and proteins. Drink skimmed milk with fewer fats. Fat is saturated from milk and keeps the cholesterol under control. Saturated milk keeps the testosterone levels under control.

A good intake of cereals can help to increase testosterone. Cereals and low cholesterol foods must be taken for vitamin D. Take nutrient supplements for your breakfast regularly.

Egg yolks
The nutrient content in egg yolks is higher than egg white. Vitamin D is also present in good levels in egg yolks. Consume egg yolks on daily basis to keep a check on the testosterone.

If you have low testosterone levels, zinc is a necessary nutrient. Good zinc levels regulate the testosterone amount in the body. The mineral zinc content is too high is oysters which may increase the testosterone levels.

Seafood such as crab, shellfish, and lobster has good zinc content. Alaskan king crab may do well for low T levels. Consuming seafood occasionally may offer high benefits for testosterone.

Beef liver has rich content of vitamin D. Though eating too much red meat has potential side-effects, however regulated amounts can prove beneficial. You can even try chucking roast and grinding beef, which contains high zinc.

Garlic increases testosterone levels to great extent. Consuming garlic regularly increases testosterone in the body. Peel and chop the garlic cloves and then consume it.

Herbal tea
Herbal tea is a better substitute for coffee. Excess coffee increases cortisol which decreases testosterone. Drink herbal tea which enhances the testosterone and gives sound sleep.

White beans, black, and kidney beans have good contents of zinc and vitamin D. You can take these in your daily diet and get high levels of T.

Other than the above-mentioned foods, you must follow some of the methods mentioned below to increase testosterone.

Heavyweight strength training
Heavyweight lifting gives significant results for improvement in testosterone levels. Strength training improves the strength levels, builds muscle mass and increase the testosterone hormone levels in the body.

Try some good exercise during a workout in the gym. Exercises such as bench press, heavy squats, and deadlifts help build a strong physique. Studies reveal that testosterone levels increase during the squats. The higher the workout, high testosterone levels will be released. Try short but intense workouts for good testosterone. Change the workout exercise after it goes long for 45minutes.

Go stress-free
High stress levels can bring down the testosterone levels. If you get stressful occasionally, strive to get stress-free. Cortisol, a hormone is produced during high tension levels reduces testosterone. Make efforts to control stress and you will see find good results. Follow healthy lifestyle habits and good diet intake to stay stress-free.

Avoid smoking
Smoking has severe impacts on health and brings down the testosterone levels. Regular smokers must quit smoking. Doing so will build the muscle mass and boost the natural testosterone levels.

Go for thyroid tests
A thyroid test is essential. When the thyroid production by the thyroid gland is reduced, it results in a problem known as hypothyroidism. Insufficient production of the hormones has severe impacts on body metabolic functions and lowers down the testosterone production.

Go for thyroid tests. The doctors may recommend medications which will improve the hormone production.

Vitamin D enhances the production of testosterone. Sunshine is a good source of vitamin D. Basking in the sun during winters is a great idea. If you don’t prefer to sit in the sun, take supplements which are rich in vitamin D.

If you are wondering how to increase testosterone levels, the ways mentioned above prove to be beneficial. Take good diet supplements and follow good lifestyle habits for natural testosterone levels.