Top Male Enhancement Products to Be Aware Of


Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature climax, or complete loss of libido? A lot of men face these issues, so you should know that you aren’t the only one. Sex plays a major role in your life, so when there is a sexual dysfunction, it can be frustrating.

How to tell?
A lot of men don’t like talking about their sexual concerns, but this shouldn’t be the case. Identify the following signs and symptoms, and if they tally with what you’re feeling, make sure you consult a doctor and talk to your partner about it.

Here are a few signs and symptoms that you’re likely to face if you suffer from loss or decrease in your sex drive:

  • Less physical intimacy. Even touching is restricted only in the bedroom, especially before this you didn’t have any problem engaging in any sexual activity.
  • Sex isn’t intimate anymore, and you can’t connect to your partner sexually. Sometimes this can affect your emotional connect as well.
  • Your partner is the only one initiating the sex, and you feel ‘pressured.’
  • Sex becomes more like a routine. It is mechanical and monotonous.
  • Sex doesn’t interest you anymore.
  • Sexual fantasies and thoughts don’t strike you as much as they did before.
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Sometimes, you might experience premature ejaculation.

If you happen to relate to these signs and symptoms, then you most likely are suffering from loss or decrease of libido.

What are the causes?
Now that the signs seem familiar, you might want to know what are the causal factors of loss or decrease of libido.

  • Stress
    Stress is the cause of many health problems, so this is a no-brainer. If you’ve been stressed at work or home, take some time out to de-stress. Pamper yourself with a spa or massage therapy or go on a long drive—whatever works for you. Stress can cause an imbalance in your hormonal levels, and clog your arteries. This, in turn, can disrupt your blood flow, causing sexual dysfunctions.
  • Lack of sleep
    If you aren’t getting adequate sleep, then this could be the reason that your libido is decreasing. Men who suffer from sleep apnea and sleep disorders are prone to sexual dysfunctions as opposed to men who don’t suffer from sleep disorders. Lack of sleep can cause you to have a drop in your testosterone levels as well, which in turn can affect your sex drive negatively.
  • Depression
    Anhedonia is one of the most prominent symptoms of depression. It refers to the lack or complete loss of interest in activities that were once deemed pleasurable. Patients who are depressed have shown a considerable lack of interest in pleasurable activities, sex being one of them. Depression can turn your entire life upside down, so it is only understandable that your libido gets affected as well. Also, a lot of antidepressants like SSRIs or serotonin reuptake inhibitors can come with a lot of side effects, decrease in libido being one of them.
  • Certain medications
    A lot of medications can negatively affect your sexual performance. Blood pressure medications and tranquilizers can lower your sex drive and cause dysfunctions.
  • Restless legs syndrome (RLS)
    Studies show that men who suffered from restless legs syndrome experienced loss of libido as opposed to men who didn’t have this syndrome.

Top male enhancement products
Loss or decrease in your libido is not just going to affect you; it will affect your partner as well. Getting help is imperative, and here are a few top male enhancement products that are available;

  • Lanthome penis oil
    Made from natural ingredients, Lanthome Penis oil is one of the top male enhancement products available. It helps increase your libido by improving your blood flow and increasing the testosterone levels. The oil works wonders in increasing your penis size. Provided you undertake penile exercises like jelqing, ballooning, and stretching. All in all, it can improve your sexual performance.
  • TEKMale
    TEK Naturals, one of the top brass of the supplement industry, houses TEKMale, ranked as the number one top male enhancement product in the market. This product is made from natural ingredients like saw palmetto, maca root extract, and Korean ginseng extract. This product is different because the standardized extracts are used in it instead of the whole plant products. TEKMale helps you produce nitric oxide, which can help improve your blood flow. The active ingredients in this product can help boost your testosterone levels as well. It can help treat premature ejaculation and increase your stamina, allowing you to last longer.
  • Viamax Maximum Gel male enhancement gel
    Viamax maximum gel can help you treat many sexual disorders. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and loss of sensation and libido are few of them. By using transdermal nanotechnology, the gel helps the penile tissues absorb the active ingredients. It results in better sexual performance. This is one of the top male enhancement products available.

Apart from these top male enhancement products, you should lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right. You must also incorporate a healthy exercise regime into your daily routine. De-stress and talk to your partner and your doctor if the issue persists.