Top 5 Vitamins and Supplements for Quick Weight Loss


Are you finding it difficult to lose weight despite following a low-fat and low-calorie diet and a strict workout regime? If you are consistent with your efforts and still not finding good results, you might be missing some essential vitamins and supplements that your body needs. Here are the top 5 vitamins and supplements for fast and effective weight loss:

This is an essential amino acid required by your body for building protein to maintain optimal muscle mass. You have to understand the fact that muscle plays a very critical role in shedding calories and the absence of sufficient amount of glutamine makes your weight loss efforts ineffective. Several studies have shown that taking glutamine supplements for a month helps people lose weight in a faster manner compared to taking protein supplement and the health experts also declared that glutamine was safe and effective for rapid weight loss. Foods such as cabbage, spinach, and beans are good sources of glutamine, and if you do not consume an adequate amount of these foods daily, you must take a dependable glutamine supplement to maintain your glutamine intake optimally.

Fish oil
Fish oil comprises of omega-3 fatty acids. Excellent health benefits can be associated with omega-3 and they not only aid fast weight loss but also enhance your overall heart health. Some people are doubtful because of the name ‘fatty acids.’ The fact of the matter is that fish oil supplements contain good fats and they encourage fast weight loss by efficient activation of enzymes that take up the responsibility of the fat burning process in cells. The natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids are nuts and salmon. Several people do not consume sufficient amount of these fatty acids through their foods and in such a situation, you have to take fish oil capsules to ensure proper supply of omega-3 fatty acids.

Carnitine can be described as an amino acid, and you can find them in the bodies of animals and plants. As far as the human body is concerned, this amino acid assists in controlling the way your body metabolizes carbohydrates and fats. If you do not have sufficient quantity of carnitine, your body may get engaged in the process of storing fat in place of burning fat. That is exactly why weightlifters take these types of vitamins and supplements and if you want fast and efficient weight loss, you need to identify a dependable carnitine supplement available in the market.

Vitamin D
You might have heard a lot about vitamin D benefits. However, do you know that this vitamin has a big role to play in helping your body decide whether to store or shed fat? If human body does not have adequate vitamin D, the quantity of parathyroid hormone increases and this situation results in fat absorption. In fact, the cells convert sugars into fat in place of converting them into energy. Research studies have shown that increased intake of vitamin D along with a low-calorie diet leads to rapid weight loss and you can even remove the most stubborn fat in the belly. Sun rays provide a lot of vitamin D, and you can consume a high-quality vitamin D supplement to make your weight loss efforts highly result oriented. Another remarkable about vitamin D supplements is that it assists your body in absorbing and utilizing calcium and this aspect brings its own unique weight loss benefits.

When you assess the condition of overweight or obese people, you can find that they have a different gut bacteria compared to other people with normal weight. Some probiotics offer a lot more benefits than you think. The best example is Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LPR), and it has been found offering help for overweight women achieve excellent weight loss benefits. The probiotics can be clubbed with a low calorie date or a standard one. The best sources are picked veggies like kimchi and sauerkraut and Greek yogurt. If you take a probiotics supplement, you can heal your gut, and a healthy balance of gut bacteria can be achieved. It does not matter what type of supplements you are taking; you have to ensure the consumption at least 50 billion units of probiotics in a daily manner from at least ten different sources for achieving the optimal results. If you are looking to buy refrigerated probiotics, you must choose products that come in well-sealed packaging. It is also necessary to select products with the dark packaging because they offer good protection against light damage.

These are the most beneficial vitamins and supplements you need to take for making your weight loss journey quick, effective, and sustainable. The most necessary thing is that you must buy vitamins and supplements from a reliable and reputed manufacturer as this ensures that you are using quality products that offer optimal benefits.