Top 5 Homemade Bed Bug Sprays for a Bug-Free Home


Pests can be of various types and is a real pain for the people who are living in a house infested with them. Bed bugs are a very common type of pest that can be found in your house. It is very difficult to detect their presence as they multiply fast. Unless they are killed and eradicated in the very beginning, then they could multiply in number and could spread across the other parts of the house.

The infestation of bed bugs is a huge problem. Bed bugs do happen to infest the mattress and wooden furniture. In case you get up in the morning with itchy red rashes, then there is a chance that your house is under attack from this pest. There are various chemical sprays that can be used to kill bed bugs, but they are the job of specialized agents and pest control companies. In case you try to apply them yourself, then it could either mean that you are not applying the right quantity or the right process in which the chemicals would offer the most effective results. Hence, pest control solutions must be left to the professionals. However, you can make homemade bed bug sprays, and these are a better and safer idea. Following are some of the best pest control options.

Hot steam
It has been found that hot air sprays have been found to be one of the best bed bug sprays that can eliminate the nest in the most effective way. In order to apply this method, you can effectively use the hot blow dryers.

The hair dryers have found to be one of the best homemade bed bug sprays through which you can tackle the infestation of bed bugs at home. Even if this doesn’t work at first, then after a hot washing, you need to arrange to dry the mattress in a hot setting. This is one of the ways you can sterilize the bed mattress.

Tea tree oil
The tea tree oil is one of the best natural remedies for bed bugs. It has great natural elements that can help you get rid of bed bugs. Hence, the tea tree oil is one of the best homemade bed bug sprays that can be applied at home. The spray ensures that the pests in the deeper regions that cannot be reached by the hot air sprays. Tea tree oil can also be used for other forms of insects and pests. The solution must be shaken well before spraying, and for better effects, you must apply the solution regularly for a fortnight.

Lavender oil pesticide spray
Lavender essential oil is an effective homemade bed bug spray that can be used by homemakers at home. It is an effective natural DIY homemade bed bug sprays that can be used as an active repellent against many forms of pests and insects. This spray is yet again a very safe solution that can be used with children and aged people around. The lavender oil can act even better when it is mixed with peppermint oil. This works not just on the bed bugs but also on the eggs and larvae of other insects.

Diatomaceous earth
Diatomaceous earth is another effective insecticide that can easily and safely act on the bed bugs. It is considered to be one of the best homemade bed bug sprays that can eliminate bed bugs in a simple manner. The solution helps to kill the bed bugs through dehydration as it dissolves the outer shell of the bed bugs. This is a dry spray as it is used in the powder form. The best way to go about it is by applying the powder through the vacuum cleaners. It is also referred to as the homemade bed bug powder.

DIY vinegar solution
The vinegar solution is yet again one of the most effective substances that could be used to kill bed bugs. A spray of vinegar is all you need to fight the beg bugs.

Fight myths with knowledge
There are a lot of myth doing their rounds in the market. It has been found that many people are talking about elements and items that can be used to kill bed bugs. It has been found that people do happen to speak of items like salt, boric acid, and vitamin B1 as some of the substances that can be used to make homemade bed bug sprays.

However, we see that this is not always true. It must be noted that bed bugs are different types of pests that require a different form of treatment for eradication. This is why substances that are used for other types of pests cannot be used effectively for bed bugs.

Bed bugs have a protective shell on their body that must be destroyed so that they can be killed. This often requires specialized solutions. If the infestation is in large numbers, call a pest control agency immediately.