Special varieties of meal kit services to try

Diets & Meal Plans

Meal kit services have something for every taste palette, with options for vegans, pasta junkies, and gourmet lovers. Although many services cater to a mix of categories, we found a few that stand out because they tend to certain niches. If you’re looking for a meal kit service that fits specific food preferences, whether refined, earthy, or vegan, take a look at these delicious choices.

Sakara Life for luxurious vegan meals
Sakara Life offers fresh and refreshing plant-based food on their weekly menus. When you subscribe to the service, you’ll receive premium-quality meals inspired by different cultures around the world. The luxury element comes from the careful selection of flavorful ingredients and extraordinary fruits and veggies. Think of the meals from Sakara Life as the food you would normally be served at a lavish wellness retreat. Some of their meals include watermelon-rose salad, Phuket bowl with Thai sticky rice, and matcha udon bowl.

Eattiamo for Italian cuisine
All pesto, lasagna, and Focaccia lovers assemble because Eattiamo is the go-to meal kit service for some fine Italian cuisine. The subscription model allows you to enjoy six or seven different meals from different regions every month, from Tuscany to Naples to Sicily. Each box has seven products, including everything from seasoning and sauces to the pasta itself, to prepare a dinner for the whole family. Follow the given recipe, and you might be able to recreate a true-blue tasty Italian feast. They have monthly, three-month, and six-month payment plans.

Hungryroot for produce lovers
Hungryroot is another unique meal kit service that lets you take a quiz on their food preferences. Based on that, they send groceries plus recipes to your doorstep. Their boxes celebrate produce and balanced flavors. For instance, if you pick the “Super Zucchini’d Falafel Bowl,” you will receive amazing zucchini falafel and organic zucchini along with flavorful coconut curry and jasmine rice. They also have wholesome meat and seafood recipes for those who love to celebrate produce while preparing meals.

Signing up for niche-specific meal kit services is a great way to add some fun and edge to your food choices. Also, who doesn’t like saving up on prep time and looking forward to a tasty meal!