Simple Remedies to Stop Heartburn

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The sluggish way of life and lack of planned routine is hampering human health thereby affecting the immunity level and paving the way for serious medical illness. The increasing fast-paced life has brought with its addiction to foods which directly harm primary organs of the body. Medical conditions which could initially be identified in geriatric people are now being seen in people falling within the age group of 30 to 45.

Heartburn is one such condition which is commonly found in youngsters today thanks to binging disorders and haywire routine. Heartburn is a condition where contents of the stomach get pushed through the esophagus thereby leaving a burning sensation in the chest and throat. Heartburn is also commonly known as acid reflux. Repeated bouts of this acid reflux, if not treated on time can lead to severe gastro related medical conditions. Apart from consulting a doctor, here are a few remedies to help suffice pain and burn caused due to heartburn.

Chewing gum
Saliva is a natural healing element to it which helps in sufficing the burning sensation caused due to heart burn. Medical research has proved that people who are suffering from heartburn, chewed chewing gum and experienced pain relief caused due to heartburn. Constant chewing of chewing gums increases the production of saliva in the mouth which in turn helps in diluting the acidic elements caused by heartburn thereby leaving a soothing effect.

Aloe Vera
Herbal healing remedies are one of the finest and trusted forms of medicines when it comes to medical conditions like heartburn. Aloe has a natural soothing component which helps in cooling down the burning sensation caused because of stomach acids. If consumption of raw aloe is quite difficult for you, then you can find natural aloe juices in herbal medical shops. Consumption of a spoonful of raw aloe or half a cup of aloe juice on a regular basis will help to keep heartburn at bay.

Fruit power
We all have heard that an apple a day is good to keep doctors at bay. However, this statement needs to be rephrased a bit like an apple and a banana a day will keep heartburn away. Apple and bananas have natural anti-acid elements which refrain stomach acids from moving up the food pipe. Doctors always suggest on having at least one banana or an apple after food to help keep the stomach clear of any unwanted acids.

Ginger tea
Tea is a beverage which is loved by one and all. If you cannot live without tea, then switch over to consuming ginger tea than normal tea. Ginger is a natural medicine to help cure stomach related medical issues. Ginger works as a buffer against building up of acid in the stomach, thereby preventing heartburn. A cup of warm ginger tea in the morning will help keep your stomach and digestive system healthy.

Avoid fast/fried food
One of the common reasons for constant bouts of heartburn is due to consistent consumption of fast and fried foods. Fast food is heavy on the digestive system and triggers acid production in the stomach. This acid eventually is forced through the food pipe resulting in heartburn. Refrain from consuming fast food and in turn carry healthy snacks on the go.

Tobacco and alcohol
Despite repeated visual and written warnings people still consume tobacco and alcohol on a daily basis. Tobacco contains a component named nicotine which deteriorates stomach immunity and releases acids in the stomach. People addicted to alcohol and tobacco not just suffer from heartburn but also face eating disorders. Both alcohol and tobacco release harmful toxins into the digestive system, thereby triggering heartburn.

Weight check
Medical research has found that people suffering from obesity suffer from constant bouts of acid reflux alias heartburn. People suffering from weight issues tend to also suffer from heartburn. Ensure to maintain a perfect balance of healthy food and regular exercise to stop heartburn.

Consult a specialist
People suffering from heartburn tend to undertake self-medication thereby worsening their condition. Self-medication is not just harmful but will also aggravate your medical condition making it more serious. Heartburns if not treated properly can result in GERD alias gastroesophageal reflux disease. In cases, where people are suffering from constant bouts of heartburn must consult a medical specialist and undertake proper treatment and medication to avoid heartburn.

These natural remedies will not just help in stopping heartburn but will also help in maintaining good health of the stomach and the digestive system. Try and make a healthy food plan to refrain from binge eating. Slight changes in lifestyle and routine will help in avoiding heartburn completely. Consume medication prescribed by a doctor but also make a habit of indulging in natural remedies to help keep heartburn at bay.