Signs and Treatments of Hemorrhoids


To undergo proper medication, one needs to understand a problem in depth. The body has a natural notification system if there is any disorder going on within it. It is necessary to act upon these notifications and rectify the issue at stage one. The impact of a stationary lifestyle and lack of appropriate diet is prominently hampering the overall human health. This has, in turn, resulted in a rise in the number of cases of hemorrhoids.

People fail to understand the initial symptoms of hemorrhoids and pass it off as indigestion. Hemorrhoids if not treated properly can aggravate into a serious condition resulting in surgery in serious cases. A normal human body has hemorrhoids which help in controlling bowel movements. Hemorrhoids can be considered dangerous only when their vessels enlarge within the anal rectum leading to bleeding bowel, infection and tumors.

Below are some ways on how to get rid of hemorrhoids:

  • Lookout for signs
    If you refrain from using the toilet for a longer period, then you are at high risk of hemorrhoids. Rising strain on the intestine can be a prime cause of hemorrhoids. Always make it a point to use the toilet at regular intervals. While cleaning your bowels, if you sense a lump around the anal outlet or blood in stool then immediately consult a doctor.
  • High fiber diet
    It is always advisable to plan a diet chart and make a routine of it. Whether or not you suffer from hemorrhoids ensure to follow a high fiber diet to maintain good stomach health. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and have a good nutritional value which helps in keeping the anus and anal rectum healthy. Include healthy salad in your diet to increase healthy fiber content.
  • Refrain from embarrassment
    One of the prime reasons why hemorrhoids aggravate is because people fail to consult the doctor due to embarrassment. It is the answer to how to get rid of hemorrhoids. According to doctors, approximately six percent of all patients suffering from hemorrhoids consult the doctor. Consulting a doctor in the nascent stages of hemorrhoids will help in rectifying the problem at the earliest. Early medication includes pills and lotion which can suffice the pain both externally and internally.
  • Water consumption
    Water is a natural healer and detoxifier. We consume or inhale numerous unwanted toxins which get settled in the body resulting in hemorrhoids and other diseases. Water acts as a natural cleanser to remove unwanted toxins from the body as well as naturally coats the inner lining of the anus and the anal rectum.
  • Avoid fast food
    Fast food is heavy on the stomach because it is deep fried and has high-fat components. These components are hard to digest and put excessive pressure on the intestines. In addition to this, these foods are nil on nutritional value and hence result in weakening the immune system. These foods injure the anal rectum thereby leading to hemorrhoids.
  • Aloe Vera
    When in trouble always hit the natural way. Nature has the answer to all medical conditions which are good for health and helps in easing your problem. Aloe Vera has natural coolant components which help in keeping the stomach temperature under control. The aloe gel is highly nutritious, and help creates a lining around the anal rectum thereby helping with comfortable stools. Regular intake of aloe gel or juice helps in keeping good digestive health.
  • Sitz bath
    Very few people are aware of the concept of Sitz bath. For people suffering from hemorrhoids must indulge in Sitz bath to suffice the problem until the time you consult a doctor. Doctors have recommended that people suffering from painful hemorrhoids must sit in warm water for approximately fifteen minutes after every bowel movement. Sitz baths help in soothing the pain caused because of hemorrhoids.
  • Self medication
    To avoid embarrassment people down with hemorrhoids cease from visiting the doctor and indulge in self-medication or accept unsolicited medical advice. Hemorrhoids are a serious thing and hence needs proper medical care. Lookout for early symptoms and consult a doctor to avoid further damage.
  • Epsom salts and glycerine
    This is a comparatively lesser known remedy which can help suffice hemorrhoids induced pain. Make a mixture if two spoons of Epsom salt and two spoons of glycerine apply it to a gauze pad and place it around the problem area. This mixture works on the external affected area and helps in relieving the pain.

Hemorrhoids need proper care as the anus, and the anal rectum is delicate organs of the body. Make sure you follow a healthy diet to keep your digestive system clean and devoid of harmful foods and toxins. Go for apt medication and complete the medicine course to help cure the problem. Avoiding or failing to complete the course will not only aggravate the problem but also lead to surgery.