Shoulder Muscle Pain – Causes and Remedies

Home Remedies

Excessive stress levels and ignorance towards health has led to cropping up of numerous medical conditions among teens today. People within the age group of 22 to 30 primarily complain about muscle and joint pain. Medical research has made a shocking revelation that people still in their teens are suffering from arthritis and muscle disorders. One of the rising health complaints today is about shoulder and neck pain. The shoulder and neck are the midpoints of the human body system. the shoulder muscular system contains muscles, nerves, arteries and veins and ligaments which connect other body organs.

There are numerous reasons as to why one can suffer from shoulder muscle pain. Early diagnosis of the same can help in resolving the issue in time. Here are a few causes and remedies of shoulder muscle pain.

Muscle injury
One of the common causes of shoulder muscle pain is trauma caused to soft tissues due to an injury or exertion. Muscles have their own stretching capabilities and when they are overstressed, it leads to shoulder muscle pain. People exercising in gyms are common targets for muscle injuries. People who are into heavy workload too suffer from shoulder muscle pain.

Frozen shoulder
Frozen shoulder is a condition when the shoulder nerves get pinched leading extreme pain in the shoulder. People suffering from frozen shoulder have also complained about lack of sufficient movement of the shoulder.

Rotor cuff injuries
A group of tendons that support the shoulder is known as rotor cuff. Injury or trauma to these tendons can lead to shoulder muscle pain. People active in sports requiring excessive shoulder movement, weightlifting or force requiring games, commonly suffer from shoulder muscle pain because of rotor cuff injuries.

Shoulder blade injuries
A forceful trauma to the shoulder blade can cause extreme shoulder muscle pain. People suffering from shoulder blade injuries need to take proper care and medication to avoid long-term pain.

Following are a few home remedies to help suffice shoulder muscle pain.

Rest and recoup

Working beyond stipulated hours can leave the muscles immobile causing shoulder muscle pain. Ensure to keep taking regular breaks and avoid sitting for long hours. Excessive stress levels are one of the primary reasons for rising cases of shoulder muscle pain in youngsters today.

Walking and stretching
A little body stretching and a twenty-minute brisk walk is all you need to ease your muscles. You may find numerous videos online showcasing easy to do shoulder and stretching exercises which help release friction from the muscles thereby easing the stress and pain. Doctors have proven that people regular at brisk walking feel healthy and energized. Brisk walking has its own health benefits. So make it a point to release the muscle stress by going for a walk.

Ice packs
If you are suffering from excruciating pain due to shoulder muscle injury then icepacks are the perfect remedy. Cool the ice packs in the freezer and place them on the place where you suffer maximum pain. The cool element of the ice pack will suffice the pain.

Injury elevation
Shoulder pain brings with it swelling in extreme cases. To alleviate the swelling, while sleeping, make it a point to elevate the swelling above the heart level. This position will help reduce the pain and swelling.

Avoid self-medication
Muscle pain and injuries are serious things, so try to avoid trying self-medication which will eventually worsen your case. Consult a doctor in the beginning stages of the pain to avoid further complications. You shall be suggested with rest and a few medicines which will help suffice the pain and swelling as well.

Soft exercises
If your injury or pain is still at level one then a few soft exercises will help relieve the pain. Numerous medical websites suggest and showcase a few soft exercises which can help in easing the pain till you seek proper medical guidance.

Warm up
If you are going to be sitting down for long hours or will be a part of heavy-duty work make it a point to warm up your shoulder muscles to avoid injuries. Electrical heating pads are available in the market, which help keep the shoulder muscles warm and avoid should muscle injuries. These heating pads come with four level heat stages which can help to warm up the shoulder and neck muscles.

Check your bedding
At times wrong sized mattresses and pillows also lead to shoulder muscle pain. Ensure to set up aptly sized mattresses to avoid shoulder muscle pain. In addition to this, avoid using pillows which are highly puffed as it will strain the neck muscles eventually leading to shoulder muscle pain.

Apart from these home remedies, always consult a doctor and undergo proper medication along with physiotherapy to ease the pain and swelling. In extreme cases, shoulder surgeries are the last resort.