Select the Right Eye Solution for Dry Eyes


Dry eyes are commonly found in people in their middle and old age. It is a common condition. Around 4.88 million people in the country are suffering from dry eyes in their 50s. Of the estimate, more than 3 million women and 1.68 million men are dealing with dry eyes. It is observed that women are more prone to dry eyes than men. Side effects of estrogen fluctuation could be one reason causing more number of women to suffer from dry eyes than their gender counterparts. Women those pregnant, taking birth control pills and those suffering menopause can suffer dry eyes.

There are several other reasons for a dry eye to occur. Most prominent of all can be age and symptom of some other illness. An extreme dry environment or medications such as antihistamines can also cause dry eye in people. Through a serious health concern, dry eyes can be cured with proper medication, precaution, and care.

Today, there are a number of eye solutions for dry eyes. Most popular method of curing dry eyes are eye drops. A doctor may recommend a patient suffering from dry eyes with over-the-counter eye solutions for dry eyes and a variety of prescription depending on the cause and intensity of the problem.

There are multiple ways by which eye drops give relief to those suffering from dry eyes. Some of them are listed below.

  • Use of artificial tears. To prevent dryness in eyes, use of artificial tears proves fruitful. However, it is important to find the right artificial tears to suit one.
  • A type of eye drop is cyclosporine. It is designed to assist treatment of certain eye infection that results in dry eyes. Use of cyclosporine makes an eye produce excessive tears. Thus, this medication can provide great relief to the sufferer if applied twice in a day. However, it is wise and best to use it as per your doctor’s recommendation.
  • There is one more treatment for dry eyes. It is known as lifitegrast. It is a molecule integrin antagonist that decreases T cell-mediated inflammation. This medication is only available on prescription from the medical practitioner only.
  • A patient of dry eyes can also try autologous blood serum drops. These drops are produced using a patient’s blood. These drops are used in many cases in which it becomes difficult to cure a patient’s dry eyes through any kind of medication or treatment. The autologous blood serum drops are produced with the help of a blood sample taken from the patient’s blood. After this, red blood cells are removed from the blood sample before adding a salt solution.
  • In some case, eye drops are not alone sufficient to treat dry eyes in some people. Other over-the-counter treatments are also used along with eye solutions for dry eyes.

Here are things you should consider before choosing eye drops:

  • It is highly advisable to consult a doctor when trying any over-the-counter eye solutions for dry eyes. Following the below-given factors while choosing a treatment can be a great help.
  • It is recommended to avoid eye drops that are made to remove red from the eye. This is because such eye drops are not sufficient enough to treat dry eyes.
  • In case, someone has glaucoma or any other eye disease. It is advised to seek doctor’s advice to take over-the-counter medication.
  • Different ingredients are used to make different over-the-counter eye solutions for dry eyes. There could be a possibility that a drop that works well on one might not have a similar result on others.
  • There exist two types of artificial tear drops. One has preservatives, and other does not have it. To some people, teardrops that contain preservatives irritate their eyes. Therefore, they need a preservative-free eye solution for dry eyes.

What could be the possible cause behind people getting dry eyes?
Here are a few reasons why people get dry eyes.

  • There are a number of causes for people suffering from dry eyes. Environment factors are one common cause of irritation to one’s eye. Dust, dry air, long hours spent staring the computer or TV screens may cause dry eyes to many people.
  • In case, the reason behind dry eyes is environmental; it is feasible to treat dry eyes by simply using over-the-counter eye drops. However, in case of the chronic dry eye, prescription drops could be more helpful.
  • Some people will complain dry eyes as a result of some other infection or disease. In such a case, it is recommended to cure the underlying problem. The side of effects of certain medication is one of the causes of dry eyes in some people. A person in a condition like this may be recommended to stop taking medication that has a side effect on their health. If this is not feasible in such a case, eye drops can be taken to reduce the impact of dry eye.