Reverse Diabetes Naturally With These Home Remedies

Home Remedies

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a set of certain metabolic diseases, that lead to the increase in blood glucose or blood sugar levels in the patient’s body. This increase in the blood sugar levels is due to insufficient production of insulin in the body, or when the cells in the body do not respond appropriately to insulin, and a combination of both these reasons could also be a reason that leads to diabetes. People suffering from diabetes urinate often, might have blurred vision, feel more thirsty and hungry, gain weight, feel more exhaustion, may even lose weight, cuts, and bruises hardly heal and may experience a lack of sensation in hands and feet.

Diabetes is of generally three types—type 1, in which the body does not generate insulin, type 2—in which body does not produce enough insulin, and gestational diabetes, which is more common in pregnant women.

There are many known treatments for type 2 diabetes, and there is no known treatment for Type 1 diabetes and it lasts a lifetime, however, it can be improved. Reversing diabetes naturally has been gaining a lot of attention for some time now, and there are a number of ways, by which one can get rid of diabetes. Some of the herbal supplements for reversing diabetes naturally are mentioned below:

Indian Gooseberry: Indian gooseberry is rich in vitamin C, and thus is considered good for treating diabetes. You can take a tablespoon of gooseberry juice, mix it along with bitter gourd juice, and have the mixture for around 2 months. This can help in balancing blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

Mango Leaves: The leaves of mango tree are beneficial for treating diabetes. Soak some fresh mango leaves in water overnight, and squeeze them out of the water in the morning. Consume this water every morning for becoming free of diabetes. One can also dry out the mango leaves, powder them and consume half a spoon of this powder on a daily basis.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a great alternative for reversing diabetes naturally. Consume grapefruits, at least three of them thrice a day, and in case you don’t have diabetes, but feel a tendency to suffer from it, consume three grapefruits in a day.

Fenugreek: Fenugreek seeds are known to be very effective in reversing diabetes naturally. Fenugreek seeds help in minimizing reactive hyperglycemia and the levels of glucose, triglycerides, and cholesterol, in people suffering from diabetes.

Purslane: Purslane seeds are beneficial in reversing diabetes naturally. Purslane seeds should be consumed daily with water, for at least 2-3 months. Purslane helps in accelerating the production of the body’s own insulin, which in turn reverses diabetes.

Bitter Gourd: It is also called bitter melon and is by far the best remedy for reversing diabetes naturally. Bitter gourd helps in accelerating secretion of pancreatic insulin, as it contains plant-insulin which helps in minimizing sugar levels in both blood and urine. Bitter gourd juice should be consumed daily on an empty stomach.

Food that would reverse diabetes naturally are:
Consuming chromium rich food: Chromium helps in improvement in GTF glucose forbearance in the patient’s body and in turn, balancing blood glucose intensity. Chromium-rich food includes:
• Raw cheese
• Grass-fed beef
• Broccoli
• Green beans

Uncooked Food: Uncooked food is the best remedy for reversing diabetes naturally. Uncooked fresh food includes enzymes that are not taken away by chemicals. These foods are high in fiber and help the body absorb the sugar bit by bit. This helps in maintaining blood sugar levels in a balanced manner. Soluble fibers, on the other hand, are proven to be best in treating diabetes. Examples of such food include
• Fresh Fruits
• Nuts
• Juices
• Sprouts
• Apples
• Berries
• Carrots
• Parsnips
• Winter Squash

Fish rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Fish provide a fair share of protein and at least 6-9 ounces, should be consumed in a week’s time. Diabetic patients should emphasize on consuming only grilled, baked or broiled fish. Fish high in omega 3 fatty acids include:

• Salmon
• Tuna
• Herring
• Mackerel
• Sardines

Other ways of reversing diabetes naturally
Exercise: Exercise is the best natural way of treating diabetes. It helps in losing weight and in minimizing the long-term risk of having diabetes. Exercise helps in amplifying insulin sensitivity, which in turn fights the root cause of diabetes. One should exercise regularly to minimize cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
Meditation: The insulin resistance of the body can be lowered through meditation. In today’s time, stress is the common enemy, and the hormones associated with it, amplify insulin and glucose levels. Therefore through meditation, one can reduce these stress hormones, which in turn would help in normalizing diabetes