Protein Diet Shakes are Best for Weight Loss


Protein Diet Shakes and meal replacements are a great substitute to aid weight loss. With market overflowing with different types and flavors, it is vital to know how protein diet shakes help in shedding those extra pounds without neglecting the nutrients required by the body to function properly.

Ingredients in a Protein Diet Shake

Consisting of powdered forms of protein, protein diet shakes are loaded with soy or whey. Ingredients of protein shakes are usually a by-product of the cheese-making process. Further, flavors are added so that when it is mixed with milk, it tastes like you have a milkshake.

Although protein diet shakes are not a complete meal, it is a great alternative with a typical serving consisting of less than 200 calories. Protein, as it has been scientifically proven, is a key factor in weight loss and getting into the desired shape. It is advised to have multi-vitamins and minerals along with protein shake in order to keep deficiencies at bay.

Protein Diet Shakes Are Great For Weight Loss

Protein shakes are excellent carb replacement – Protein shakes can be added to the diet as a replacement of carbs. This helps in speeding up weight loss plan. Proteins, unlike carbohydrates, take time to get digested before getting converted into energy, thus making it a better source for a long term.

Protein Shakes don’t add to the waistline – It is best to have a protein shake that does not contain sugar or draws it’s the flavor from natural sources. In this case, protein shakes will help in muscle building and not add extra inches to your waistline.

Muscle burns calories and protein builds muscle-drinking protein shakes regularly helps in setting the body system into a cycle that continuously burns calories. It means that protein shakes supply body with the fuel required to burn fat.

Protein Shake destroy calories–Whey protein shake helps in avoiding those hidden calories. Whey protein is thermogenici.e, it consumption burns extra calories and helps in building strong, healthy muscles. Remember, calories burning implies weight loss.

Protein Shake stimulates slimming process – Protein comprises of Leucine, an amino acid, amino acids, which encourage fatty acid oxidation and helps burn calories. By including a protein shake in the diet plan, one can easily neutralize cheat day binges or missed workouts.

Protein Shake helps control appetite- there have been researches that indicate lower levels of Ghrelin after drinking protein diet shake. Ghrelin is a hormone that fuels the feeling of hunger. Additionally, whey protein shakes contain glycomacropeptide, which is known to stimulate Cholecys to kinin, a hormone released after eating a full meal.

Protein Shake is an ideal way to add protein in daily diet plan – Having protein diet shake is the best way to add extra protein to your diet. There are some delicious mixes and supplements that can be added without the hassle of preparing an extra meal. This helps a casual dieter lose a few pounds.

Protein Shake is healthy convenience food –A healthier option, protein shakes are much better than conventional food. Although it cannot replace a balanced diet, it, however, is better than hogging on a packet of greasy chips loaded with saturated fat.

Incorporating Protein Shakes in Daily Diet Plan

Eating right and exercising is the key to effective weight loss. This can easily be achieved by adding protein diet shakes in weight loss routine. Since it’s a meal replacement, it is important for you to like what you are drinking. A decent blend consists of 20 – 30 grams of protein with 25 grams of fiber blended well in water or milk. Remember, not all protein diet shakes are made equal. The market is flooded with different types of protein diet shakes according to different consumer needs; pre-workout, post-workout, meal replacement or just as a snack. It is thus important to be sure of your needs to be able to select the best option available in the market.

How to buy the best Protein Diet Shakes

Consider the following points while buying protein shake powder

  • Since it is to be had with milk, water or juice, it should be of fine consistency in powder form
  • Protein Diet Shakes should offer a proper balance of protein, dietary fiber, carbohydrates and should also have a blend of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It should not have added sugar, saturated fats, and trans-fats.
  • It is important to ensure that the protein diet shake chosen offers the right calorie content depending on individual’s need.
  • Opt for low carb shakes if you are planning to go on a low carbohydrate diet.
  • It is a must to study different brands in the market to be able to choose the right option. Compare protein, calorie, carbohydrate and fat content. Also, check for added sugar to avoid making a wrong decision.