Popular Shampoos for Hair Loss


There are many factors which can be considered to cause hair loss. This can happen due to hair follicles getting clogged by oil, or the scalp can be lacking in vitamins. An alternate form of testosterone is also known to inhibit the growth of hair.

Of the numerous hair loss treatment options available in the market some have side effects in the form of dryness and dandruff which can prove detrimental to the growth of hair.

Choosing the shampoo for hair loss
The shampoo for hair loss should be ideally free from chemical as these cause harm to the hair. A person should also have some knowledge of the type of hair they have as picking the wrong shampoo for hair loss can cause more trouble than good.

If your scalp is dry, the shampoo for oily scalp and hair will do no good to you. Instead, the focus should be on shampoo that is most suitable for dry scalp. The shampoo you choose to cure the hair loss should be from a reputed brand, picking up new and unknown shampoo can cause a problem, and in worst cases, you will have to consult your dermatologist for a solution.

A good shampoo would be one which has ingredients loaded with minerals, essential oils and vitamins as these are considered a good combination for maintaining the health of hair. However, it should always be remembered that there are different underlying reasons for hair loss and treatment through shampoo could be one of the options.

Using the hair growth shampoo
For the ingredients of the shampoo to begin their work, these should be absorbed properly by the scalp. You can always apply these shampoos in the same way any other such shampoo is used. On the wet hair, the shampoo is to be left for some time so that the ingredients soak into the hair follicles and do their job. It is to be rinsed with water after sometime after that.

Some of the best shampoo for hair loss available in the market is as follows:

Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo
This shampoo uses caffeine as an ingredient to stimulate the hair follicles and improve the texture and health of the hair. This shampoo consists of Ketoconazole which is an anti-inflammatory molecule that prevents hair loss.

This shampoo is ideally to be used for 5 minutes and should be left for some time before rinsing off. It has an added advantage in the form that it does not leave any dryness in the hair. Ultra Labs is one company which manufactures this shampoo.

Organic Shampoo for Prevention of Hair Loss
The organic shampoo for hair loss prevention is known to contain Biotin and Niacin which strengthens the hair and increases the circulation of blood in the same. This shampoo should ideally be left for 2 minutes only before rinsing off. People who have used this shampoo have reported benefits from the same within a week of using the product. Pura D’or is one of the companies which have come up with this shampoo in the market.

Organic Hair Loss Shampoo
The specialty of this shampoo is that plant stem cells and plant-based ingredients including Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint and Tea Tree Leaves have been used in it. The use of this shampoo is known to stimulate the scalp and prevent baldness and hair fall.

Using this shampoo on a regular basis relieves a person from dryness and prevents the hair from falling off simultaneously stimulating the growth of new hair. However, this shampoo can also be mixed with other similar products to give better results. This shampoo smells good and is known to have no side effects. Phytoworx Organic is one company which comes up with this product.

Revive Nourishing Shampoo for Thin Hair
This shampoo is known to contain palmetto and other such ingredients which prevent hair loss. It is generally to be used in cases when hair thinning has begun. This shampoo is free from sulfates and gives good lather, even when used in small quantities.

If it is used for a longer duration thickening of hair will take place, and dryness or dandruff will certainly reduce. Bosley Bos manufacturers this shampoo and it is quite popular among people who suffer from hair loss.

Biotin Shampoo
This shampoo is known to contain natural ingredients as biotin, niacin, ginseng and some other amino acids. This shampoo gives nutrients to the hair and reduces the production of excess oil in the hair. This shampoo should be left for 3 minutes before rinsing off for best results.

People prone to dryness should use this shampoo as a conditioner for best results. Nexus Vitatress is one of the companies which manufacture this shampoo.

Do consult your dermatologists before you use the shampoo for hair loss as it might have other side effects in case if these are used without taking suggestions from them.