Popular Probiotics for Yeast Infection


The healthy vagina hosts a small number of yeast fungus along with other bacteria. When the number of yeast increases, it is called a yeast infection. Yeast infections can occur multiple times and for many reasons. Primarily, when the balance of the bacteria in the vagina is affected, the number of yeast cells increases.

Causes of yeast infections

  • Not keeping your vaginal area dry: If the moisture level of your vaginal area increases, the yeast cells will find the perfect conditions to multiply. Not changing your tampon or pads regularly keeps moisture around. Even wearing tight underwear that doesn’t allow for airing out the vagina can cause moisture to build up.
  • Taking antibiotics: Antibiotics do not discriminate. Taking antibiotics can destroy all the good bacteria in your vagina. These bacteria keep the yeast cells in check. Without them, the yeast cells will multiply.
  • High blood sugar levels: Yeast requires sugar for energy. High sugar levels guarantee to make the yeast cells stronger.
  • Having sex with an infected partner: Yeast is contagious. If you engage in sex with a partner who has oral yeast, or even penile yeast, you can get infected easily. Having sex often with an uninfected partner can change the pH of your vaginal area. This could be detrimental to the good bacteria.

What are probiotics?
Probiotics are a collection of healthy bacteria and yeasts. They replace any good bacteria that you may have lost and restore balance. They are useful for disorders of the gut, as well as other conditions in the body.

Probiotics for yeast infections are specifically beneficial. Probiotics also aid in weight loss, improved digestion, healthy skin, and a stronger immune system.

Probiotics are good for your health and you need to consume them on a daily basis. Here are some probiotics for yeast infection you must consider especially if you have a vaginal yeast infection:

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic
This probiotic for yeast infections is made specially to combat infections of the vagina. The strain of bacteria in this brand is great for any vaginal and urinary discomfort.

It contains ten strains of bacteria with over 50 billion CFUs per capsule. CFU is short for Colony Forming Units. It is the unit of measurement for the number of bacteria available.

It has a delayed rupture technology and helps to keep your digestive system healthy too. Renew Life also regulates the pH of your vagina.

There can be some side effects like the formation of gas and bloating. It is also expensive.

Garden of Life Raw Probiotics
This probiotic addresses a host of issues from thyroid imbalances, gut inflammation, and bowel upsets apart from maintaining the health of your vagina.

It contains 32 strains of bacteria with over 85 billion CFU in every capsule and also features the delayed rupture technology. It can aid with any gut imbalances because of milk related issues. This is because it contains enzymes from milk. This also makes it unusable by persons who have milk allergies.

This probiotic needs to be refrigerated after opening the bottle and can also cause gas and bloating.

LoveBug Probiotics
This probiotic is ideal for combating mild yeast infections. It produces lactic acid which changes the vaginal pH to an environment that is inhospitable to the yeast cells. It contains birch tree and cranberry extracts that help to keep your urinary tract clean and healthy.

It contains five strains of bacteria with over 10 billion CFUs along with delayed rupture technology. Once the bottle is opened, you need to store it in a fridge.

Healthy Origins Probiotics
This probiotic is helpful in matters of your gut and urinary tract apart from your vaginal health. It is an excellent product to use if you suffer from repeated yeast infections.

It contains 8 strains of bacteria with over 30 billion CFUs with delayed rupture technology. This probiotic is stable at room temperature and does not contain any preservatives.

This brand is a little expensive and can cause gas and bloating.

Island’s Miracle Ultra 30 Women’s Probiotic
This probiotic is one of the best options for maintaining digestive, intestinal as well as vaginal health. It also reinforces the immunity of the gut.

It contains strains of 18 bacteria and 30 billion CFUs per capsule. This probiotic is stable and does not have to be refrigerated and is gluten and dairy free so can be used by persons who have these allergies.

This probiotic must not be taken by pregnant women or even women who are nursing. Considering that many women experience a spike in yeast infections during pregnancy, this brand has limited usage.

Yeast infections can be painful and uncomfortable. Probiotics to maintain the health of your vagina is an effective tool. Do your due diligence and research the various brands available in the market. Since probiotics are used for many purposes, it is best to get one that is specifically made for vaginal health. Experts suggest that probiotics for yeast infections must be consumed 30 minutes before consumption of food.