Popular Hair Removal Creams for Men and Women


We need to thank the Egyptians for introducing the hair removal idea into this world. Humans get hair growth everywhere on the skin for a reason, but today we are focused on getting hair from most areas removed. Individuals have hair growth on all over their bodies so that parasites can be detected and they remain free from any disease. If you peek into the history of human hair, you will find that women in the old and ancient times preferred hairier men to those who weren’t as hairy. This is because they preferred disease-free and clean men. Surprising, isn’t it?

With the Egyptians and ancient Roman, who classified hairless bodies with people who have higher class, hair removal became a matter of aiming to look classier, richer, and cleaner. Romans considered pubic hair unhygienic and hence, if you see old Roman statues, you will find that most statues of females are depicted hairless.

So now we know where and why we are so obsessed with removing hair. As time moved ahead, women started shaving the hair from legs, hands and private parts. Today if you see women, they prefer to have not a single hair below their nose. Most women would want to have hair on their eyebrows and head and nowhere else.

Until the 1950s, men and women used razors as there were hair removal creams for women, but they caused irritation. Other tools like tweezers were used as well for shaping the eyebrows. It was in the 1960s when wax strips came into existence, and this method was accepted world-wide rather too quickly. This shows the obsession over getting unwanted hair removed from the body.

The evolution of hair removing techniques was rapid over the decades. Today there are many ways to get your body and face hair removed. You can easily find many facial hair removal treatments available for you. Along with the treatments, you can also find many hair removal creams.

Here are some of the hair removal creams you should check if you are planning to get your body free from any unwanted hair. Some of the below-mentioned creams can also be a part of facial hair removal treatments.

Veet gel hair removal cream – This is the number one seller for face and body hair removal on Amazon. There are various hair removal creams by Veet that you can check out. Veet claims to leave your skin flawless with no ingrowth, no bumps and silky and moisturized skin.

Sally Hansen cream – This Sally Hansen hair remover kit cream is one of the most popular creams that is pain-free and can be used for facial hair removal that includes – hair removal from upper lip area, chin area and sideburn area in women. This is a dermatologist and salon tested. It comes with an extra skin conditioning lotion that soothes and moisturizes the skin.

Olay smooth finish facial hair removal duo – This is one of the top rated and best of beauty products as per reviews by people who (especially women) are using them on a large scale. With this cream, you get a face-guarding balm and hair removal cream. You are guaranteed zero redness post using this cream for hair removal.

Like women, men too like their chest clean and hairless. With the off late craze for beach body, most men are focusing on getting their chest hair removed. Men who are into bodybuilding, cycling or dancing want their chest to be free from hair. For them, the scope of hair removal increased, and companies worked towards making products and services to help men get the desired result for their chest.

In most cases, we find that men don’t want a shining clean-shaven chest. They want more of thin hair that isn’t prominent. For this purpose, some of the hair removal creams for men are:

Nad’s for men hair removal cream – This is one of the most popular hair removal cream that has come from Australia. It is made especially for men who have coarse hair. This cream helps men with thick hair get the desired results.

Veet gel hair remover cream – Although this is used by most women, this cream is not just for women. It works best for men who want to get rid of hair from the pubic area. Though men use a razor or trimmer for the nether regions, this hair removal cream can be a good alternative for razors and trimmers.

Magic razorless cream shave – This cream is specially formulated for black men; however, it is not restricted to black men. Men who have sensitive skin can use this product as there is no Potassium Thioglycolate.

Nair’s men’s hair removal spray – This product can be used for chest hair. For places like underarms, this might not be the best solution as underarms are the place where you have many folds in the skin.