Pneumonia Cough Treatments That You Can Try at Home

Home Remedies

The characteristic symptom of pneumonia is coughing. A cough happens because of infection in the lungs, due to bacteria, virus or fungus. The inflammation in the air sacs is filled with pus. The pus blocks the airway and leads to difficulty in breathing. Home treatments for pneumonia are essential for fast recovery.

A cough, chest pain, fever, and shortness of breath are symptoms of pneumonia. The infection varies from person to person. It is best to get yourself checked if you have any of these symptoms. However, there are pneumonia cough treatments that will help you recover fast. If the symptoms are mild, it will clear up with home treatments itself.

Here are a few ways by which you can reduce the discomfort caused by pneumonia.

  • Garlic

The infection is caused by bacteria, fungi, or virus. Garlic is known for its antimicrobial properties. It will help reduce the body temperature and eliminate the phlegm from your lungs and chest. You can add garlic to many dishes. It is sure to help you recover in no time.

You can either consume it or apply crushed garlic on your chest. If you don’t prefer garlic, you can always have drink ginger tea.

  • Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has high amounts of capsaicin which helps in releasing the mucus from the respiratory passages. Cayenne pepper is one of the best pneumonia cough treatments. It also has beta-carotene that helps keep the mucus membranes in good condition.

You can make a mixture of lemon juice and a small amount of cayenne pepper. It is a very effective blend that is sure to provide you relief when you drink it few times a day. You can also mix it with carrot juice.

  • Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are known to have mucolytic properties that will break the congestion. It also helps combat the fever and removes toxins from the body. You can have fenugreek tea or drop a few fenugreek seeds in your herbal tea. You can have up to four cups a day. The tea is sure to give you instant relief from the congestion. It is one of the most effective pneumonia cough treatments.

  • Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are a natural cure for pneumonia. When prepared well, you can get rid of the phlegm in the respiratory tract for good. Boil one teaspoon of sesame seeds in water. Then mix one tablespoon of flaxseeds and resume the boiling. Once you strain the mixture, add some salt and honey to it. This mixture is easy to make, and you can have it once every day till you recover.

  • Vegetable Juice

Vegetables are known for their high nutritional content. Vegetables are a must have in your diet as they help you build your immune system and keep you healthy. Fresh vegetable juice can help you with pneumonia cough treatment. The juice is also very good for the health and will aid in detoxing the body. More importantly, the vegetable juice will help dissolve the mucus.

Having vegetable juices that are rich in chlorine and phosphorus is very useful for your bronchial system and lungs. You can have carrot, spinach, beetroot, or cucumber juice. You can always experiment with other vegetables too. The juices also help in keeping you hydrated.

  • Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation is a technique that is used in case of congestion. It will help with breathing and provide relief from coughing too. Steam inhalation can be done when you have a common cold. It is a simple process that you can do at home and speed up your recovery.

Boil water in a pot and add a few drops of camphor oil or eucalyptus. Now, inhale the steam while keeping your head covered. The steam is sure to help you feel better in no time. You can expect the same effect when you take a hot shower.

  • Turmeric

This is also one of the most effective pneumonia cough treatments. Turmeric is one of the oldest cures for congestion and is very effective even today. It helps get rid of the excess mucus in the respiratory tract. Also, the antibacterial and antiviral properties in turmeric help fight the infection.

You can either mix turmeric in milk and drink it or make a paste out of it and rub it on your chest. Either method is sure to help reduce your coughing.

  • Turpentine Oil

Pneumonia is accompanied by bouts of coughing and chest pain. The congestion can lead to discomfort, and so you can use turpentine oil to help with that.

All you have to do is rub turpentine oil over the chest. Then, cover the region with a warm cloth. This process will make you feel better in no time.

Pneumonia mostly affects those that have a weak immune system. You may even experience, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite after pneumonia. So, work on restoring your health by having nutritious meals that can help you fight this disease. Consult your doctor before taking up any of the above mentioned  pneumonia cough treatments.