Natural Methods To Deal With Root Canal Pain


At the center of the tooth, there is a hollow structure where the connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels connect. The canal is running through the center of this region. It is at the root of the teeth.

A root canal is a procedure that treats tooth decay. The issues and decay surrounding the bones and tissues of the tooth need to be dealt with. Root canal operation is the operation that most dentists recommend. If the condition is severe, the infected tooth must be removed.

Root canal pain is common after a surgery, and many home remedies can ease the pain and help you lead a regular life in no time.

Recognize The Symptoms

The signs of root canal pain are easy to identify. There will be tenderness and pain in the tooth. If left untreated, the pain may escalate.

If you notice the following symptoms, be sure to treat the root canal pain immediately.

  • Sensitivity while chewing or drinking hot or cold foods.
  • The infected tooth might cause redness in the jaw on the outside.
  • The tooth and gums in the surrounding area will swell up.
  • You experience pain in the region where the infection lies.

Find The Cause Of Root Canal Pain

It is important to identify the reason for root canal pain before going ahead with the treatment. Here are the possible causes that can lead to root canal pain.

  • Chewing hard food can affect the tooth and cause infection.
  • Accidents that affect the teeth or the jaw may lead to infection in the future.
  • Infection in the gums can lead to infection in the canal.
  • Root canal pain can persist if the metal fillings shrink. It happens because of tooth decays and requires immediate treatment.

Home Remedies For Root Canal Pain

Many root canal pain treatments can help reduce the discomfort. These are easy to follow, and you can do it at home with minimal effort. The treatments can be used by anyone experiencing root canal pain.

Onion And Garlic Juice
Onion and garlic mixture may not seem very appealing, but it is instrumental in healing the pain. The best and fastest cure is by chewing fresh garlic and onion so that the juice can get in touch with the infected areas. You can also make a juice of the ingredients and drink it. Just add sugar to the mixture to reduce any vomiting sensation.

Olive Oil
Olive oil has many medicinal benefits and treating root canal pain is one of the most popular ones. It reduces the inflammation and speeds up the healing process. Take a cotton ball, dip it in olive oil and apply it to the infected tooth. It will soothe the pain, and you will see instant improvement.

Cucumber is one of the best vegetables to use for health and skin care. You can use it without worrying about any side effects. Take slices of cucumber and place it over the aching tooth. It will have a soothing effect and relieve the pain.

As surprising as it may seem, alcohol can help you deal with root canal pain. Small servings of beer, scotch or even whiskey can heal the infection. A better solution will be mouthwashes that have alcohol content. Gargle after every meal to keep the area free of debris.

Salt Water
One tablespoon of salt mixed with warm water is the treatment for a sore throat and provides relief for root canal pain. Gargle using this mixture three times a day till you reap the benefits. The mixture will not just treat the area; it will also keep the mouth clean and free of debris. Salt water is one of the most efficient remedies for root canal pain.

Ice Pack
The ice pack is one of the most efficient solutions for all sorts of swellings. Root canal pain can also be due to swelling. It happens in most cases, and ice packs can be of great help in healing the affected area. Take an ice pack and place it on the area that appears to be swollen and you will notice the swelling reduce in a few minutes.

Liquid Diet
Root canal pain can be severe in a few cases. Eating solid food will be even harder as the condition progresses. Avoid straining the tooth further and stick to a liquid diet till the pain subsides. You can have orange or carrot juice. But, be sure that they are not too cold as it can cause more decay by making the tooth sensitive.

These seven remedies can help you gain relief from the root canal pain. These are all natural remedies, and so you don’t have to worry about side effects.