Most Popular Diet Meal Plans Prevalent Today


There are numerous diet meal plans available in the market today. Most of them make promises of shedding fat off your body within a few days. Some are quite bizarre and dangerous. The names are also unique in their own way. Does this fad diet work in reality? Let’s have a look to find out what is all the fuss about:

3-Hour Diet

The people following this diet meal plan eat a small portion of meal every three hours all through the day. The theory behind the diet is that it keeps metabolism running since you are regularly eating and therefore burning fat is easier. There is nothing that you cannot eat. You just need to maintain the limited portion size. One is allowed to have candy bars, fried chicken, bacon and red meat while on this diet.

Atkins Diet

This is one of the diet meal plans that emphasizes eating low-starch vegetables and lean protein. You need to avoid simple carbohydrates such as sugar and flour as well while on this diet. The diet works to ensure reduced glycemic load or carb content to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It is believed that eating fewer carbohydrates makes your body burn more fats.

Best Life Diet

This diet will change the way you live, exercise and eat to attain a better and healthy life. The goal of this diet is to find out the reason behind overeating. The diet was designed to attack the quick-fix attitude of most diet meal plans available in the market today. The Best Life Diet would walk you down a path where you would find out the reason for being out of shape in the first place. Accordingly, you would be advised and inspired to bring in emotional and physical changes that will last forever.

Blood Type Diet

The Blood Type Diet is also known as The Eat Right for Your Type. It is based on the belief that people must eat as per their blood types. This is because different blood types digest food proteins i.e., lectins in different ways. Thus, eating the wrong food proteins would have ill effects on your body. Some of the effects include bloating, slower metabolism and certain diseases. When you avoid bad proteins, you can achieve better health as per the belief of this diet.

Cabbage Soup Diets

This diet is meant for people who are looking for quick weight loss diet meal plans. One needs to have a limited diet. People are mainly asked to have cabbage soup for one week to aid in rapid weight loss. This is also promoted as a “vanity diet”. People who need to shed the extra kilos before a special occasion opts for this diet plan. In a week, you can lose 10 pounds of weight.

Caveman Diet

The caveman diet encourages people to eat food that was prevalent in the Paleolithic era. Typically, the food people ate before domesticating animals and farming. The goal of this diet is to make people crave healthy foods. This diet ensures sharpening of mind, achieving ideal body weight and enhances a connection with the inner being of a person’s body. This is similar to the hunting instincts of a wild animal.

Fat Flush Diet

The Fat Flush Diet makes people lose weight with a restricted calorie and low carbohydrate diet. It is believed that the liver is a fat-burning furnace and maintaining a schedule and eating the right combination of food will enhance metabolism making the body burn fat more efficiently. The diet would cleanse the liver which would aid in melting fat and cellulite away from the hips, thighs, and waist.

French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet

This diet plan is based on the belief that French women do not diet, do not count calories and do not skip meals. Instead, they develop a balanced relationship with foodstuff and remain slim. The diet meal plan makes people eat high-quality food in moderate quantities. Instead of cutting down on foods and counting calories, this diet assures that one will be able to slim down without letting go of the profligate things in life.

Glycemic Index Diet

The GI r glycemic index is a scientific ranking that categorizes food as per their ability to how soon they raise blood sugar levels. High-GI foods would trigger a rise in blood sugar levels and release insulin which would intensify hunger, trigger fat storage and lead to increased weight. This diet believes in avoiding food with a high-GI score which will then decrease appetite and people can then lose weight quickly.

Grapefruit Diet

This diet meal plan needs people to eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice with each meal. Foods can be cooked with butter, spices, and dressings. Some caveats include nothing prepared in aluminum pans, no excessively cold or hot foods, keeping starch and protein meals at four hours apart. This diet is in use for over 80 years with a goal to aid in quick weight loss with a calorie intake of lesser than 1000 calories in a day.