Most Popular and Effective Hair Loss Remedies

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Nobody wants to lose hair from their heads. Thick and flowing hair enhances the appearance of a person. Unfortunately, many people have to face hair loss issues. Several reasons contribute towards hair loss, and they include hormonal imbalance, environmental effects, unwanted stress, aging, heavy smoking, nutritional inadequacy, genetic factors, infections on the scalp, use of products filled with dangerous chemicals, some medications, iron-deficiency anemia, thyroid disorder, autoimmune diseases, and so on. The number of strands on a healthy person’s scalp comes around 100,000. You do not have to worry about losing 50 to 100 strands per day because it is a normal process. If you lose more strands than these numbers, you must find out ways to prevent the loss of hair. Following are some effective hair loss remedies that one can try.

Apply a paste made using fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek is a good option and is one of the best hair loss remedies. The hormone antecedents available in the fenugreek seeds promote hair growth, and they rebuild the hair follicles on your scalp. Nicotinic acid and proteins are needed for hair growth stimulation, and fenugreek is a rich source of these ingredients. One cup of fenugreek seeds must be soaked in water overnight, and paste should be made by grinding them. This paste needs to be applied on your hair, and a shower cap can be used to cover your hair. Leave it there for 40 minutes before rinsing. To get the best results, you must continue this practice for one month.

Aloe vera juice or gel
Aloe vera helps in the quick and healthy growth of your hair and is one of best hair loss remedies. The alkalizing properties of aloe vera also increase the pH levels of the hair and scalp to healthy levels to ensure proper hair growth. If you are suffering from itching, regular use of aloe vera is recommended. It also controls inflammation and redness on the scalp, and regular use also adds luster and strength to your hair. Dandruff can also be reduced with aloe vera juice or gel. After applying the juice or gel onto the scalp, you have to keep it there for a few hours, and it should then be rinsed off using lukewarm water. This process should be repeated four times a week, and aloe vera juice (1 tablespoon) can be taken orally in the morning (empty stomach) to promote hair growth.

Apply a mixture of honey, olive oil, and egg
One of the most potent natural hair conditioners for hair, you can choose a blend of olive oil, honey, and egg. This is one of the most popular hair loss remedies. Honey rejuvenates brittle and damaged hair and this natural humectant preserves moisture in the hair strands in the best manner. The nutrients and antioxidants available in honey provide the hair follicles the much-needed nutrients to keep the hair healthy. Olive oil inhibits the DTH hormone production to prevent follicle shafts from getting narrower. The antioxidant properties enhance the scalp health and dandruff can also be eliminated with the help of olive oil. Eggs, a good source of protein, helps maintain the optimal health of the hair. When you combine all these products, you can enjoy excellent results. In a bowl, you must mix one egg white, one teaspoon olive oil, and one teaspoon of honey and they must be mixed well to create a smooth paste. This paste has to be applied to your hair, and you have to let it sit there for 20 minutes. When rinsing off, cool water is the best option and shampoo can also be applied.

Indian Gooseberry offers magical results
Indian gooseberry is one of the most widely used hair loss remedies. It prevents hair fall, and Ayurveda experts advocate it for their patients. If you want to strengthen your hair follicles, you can apply it directly on the scalp, and optimal stimulation of hair growth become a reality as well. Indian gooseberry can also be used to prevent split ends and hair breakage. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants and it enhances the pigmentation of the hair. You should blend two teaspoons of the juice and two teaspoons of lime juice and this mixture have to be applied on the scalp. Let it sit there for 2 hours. And warm water has to be used to rinse off.

Other effective hair loss remedies
Other beneficial options include applying a mixture of Chinese Hibiscus flower with coconut oil, drinking beetroot juice, applying garlic oil, application of vitamin E oil, and many more.

There are a good number of medications and shampoos available in the market that claim to improve hair growth. You have to consult with a dermatologist before choosing any of these products, and the ingredients available in these products must be carefully analyzed as well.