Most Essential Vitamins for Improving Brain and Memory


Brain health and memory can be enhanced with the help of right vitamins. Memory loss is a great concern for many people as they age and, eminent doctors recommend increased intake of necessary vitamins to improve brain health. Here are some of the most effective brain & memory vitamins.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for brain health. Although you do not need it in large quantities, it is unavoidable. The human body requires less than three micrograms and it can be acquired by eating 6 to 8 ounces of animal flesh daily. If you eat one whole chicken breast or 2 eggs, you will get the needed quantity. Normally, supplementation is not needed if people consume meats. B12 plays a big part in creating new red blood cells and it also controls nerve transmissions. In DNA synthesis, this vitamin plays a big part as well. Other essential functions of vitamin B12 include efficient energy cycle of metabolism and improved blood functions. All these aspects have a big role to play in improving your brain health. The best source of B12 is naturally raised animal flesh.

It has been found out that B Vitamins are highly effective in enhancing alertness, focus, memory, and energy. Folic acid maintains the oxygen in your blood and it gets engaged in the process of producing healthy blood. Even a slight deficiency can lead to tiredness. Moodiness and distractedness follow it. If you miss a single meal, you may have to deal with folate deficiency because the human body does not store folate. If you have a folate deficiency, supplementation is needed to keep the levels normal. When it comes to memory recall, folate is a very critical vitamin. It helps your retrieve stored information from the memory.

Vitamin E
Although there is some debate on the effectiveness of vitamin E when it comes to treating heart health, nobody can disagree with the fact that it enhances the brain health. This vitamin is an excellent anti-oxidant, and it has been extensively used in the treatment for memory loss. Vitamin E safeguards the neural linings that surround the nerves. When your body is supplied with the right quantities of vitamin E, you are permitting the nerves to manage oxidative stress for an extended period and this situation allows you to retain information more efficiently. The proper quantity of vitamin depends on the health of a person. Under normal circumstances, the human body needs around 200IU per day, and it can come around 500IU during periods of stress. Over supplementation is not an advisable practice and you must stick to the prescribed amounts.

Omega 3 Fatty acids
They have a big role to play in increasing brain size and safeguard your heart. Other important functions of omega 3 fatty acids are improving memory, enhancing the speed of neural transfer and increasing energy production. This vitamin also repairs the damaged neuro-connections. Various research studies have shown that children equipped with maximum omega 3 fatty acids levels always perform better in academic activities and they never have to deal with any concentration problems. The accumulation of this vitamin takes place in the brain during the first few years and with the aging process, the quantity of omega 3 decides loss of memory and neural degradation. In fact; you can address and reverse memory problems with the help of omega 3 therapy. This vitamin can be classified into a dozen categories and they include EPA, DHA, ALA and so on. Converting these types of omega-3 fatty acids into usable forms is the key and in such a situation, your brain health undergoes a transformation.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of the most popular brain & memory vitamins that offer immense help for children who are suffering from ADHD symptoms and it helps them achieve better focus and concentration. This vitamin plays a big part in producing the neurotransmitter called norepinephrine and it is the one that controls response and attention actions. It also safeguards you from oxidative stresses due to mental stress, consumption of medications and alcohol use. As far as your daily regime is concerned, you must make sure proper intake. It is always advisable to follow a healthy diet to mainlining good intake of vitamin C. Supplementation is also advisable but you must consult with your doctor before start using a new supplement.

These are the most important brain & memory vitamins. If you are experiencing memory loss, you should make efforts to add a combination of these vitamins to ensure better brain health. Doctors advise a combination of Vitamin E, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and several doses of magnesium. When you do so, your body regains its ability to fight against the damage and it becomes successful in retaining the existing connections.