Most Common and Popular Eczema Treatment Options


Eczema can be a highly irritating and annoying skin condition. You need to follow the guidelines of your doctor and work closely with him/her to create a plan that reduces the rash and itch. Best eczema treatments plans have four objectives, and they include controlling the itch, healing the affected skin, complete stop f flares and controlling the infections. The treatment method can vary based on the nature of symptoms, medical history, and age of the patient. Highly effective treatment plans combine various remedies to achieve the best results.


Eczema medications offer great relief, and they make the healing process of the skin faster. A specific treatment may not create the same impact on everyone, and that is why doctors try out different methods to find out what works best for a patient.

OTC hydrocortisone
Corticosteroid creams and solutions control the inflammation and itching in a fast manner. They are available in different concentrations, and you can also find ointments and foams as well. Many doctors recommend this one as the first step in treating mild eczema. Various concentrations of this steroid are required on the basis of the location and intensity of rash. If you have a thick, scaly skin, the doctor may advocate a steroid with increased potency. When it comes to side effects of these medications, patients have to deal with stretch marks or sagging skin very rarely. The key is to follow the correct guidelines of the doctor. It is also one of the best eczema treatments.

NSAID ointments
They can be described as a relatively new medication for the best treatment for eczema. These non-steroidal ointments have anti-inflammatory properties and they are popularly known as Crisaborole. You can use them to address mild to moderate versions of eczema and applying them two times a day controls inflammation very effectively. They also speed up the process restoring the normal look of the skin.

Tacrolimus and Pimecrolimus
One of the best eczema treatment is the use of Tacrolimus and Pimecrolimus.  You can rub these medicines on the skin for treating severe as well as moderate eczema. Although they do not come under the category of steroids, you can expect fast protection against inflammation. Overuse of these medications may increase the risk of skin cancer, and that is why you must consult your doctor before using this drug,

Moisturizers for barrier repair
These products can be purchased over the counter and doctors also prescribe this medication. They retain water in the skin effectively, and you can expect good damage repair with its usage as it is the best eczema treatment. Barrier repair moisturizers ease itchiness, redness and dryness as well. Some of the moisturizers available in the market contain irritating fragrances, and you must seek the help of your doctor or pharmacist to choose the best one.

Immune system regulators
Immune system regulating medications such as Mycophenolate Mofetil and Cyclosporine control the overreaction of the immune system of your body. They are available in different versions such as injections, liquids, and pills and you can use them when other treatments fail to deliver results. These medications are used to treat moderate and severe eczema, and overuse of these products can result in kidney problems and elated blood pressure. They should not be used for a longer duration to lower the risk of side effects.

UV or ultraviolet light can be used for treating severe as well as moderate eczema. UV rays inhibit the overreaction of the immune system but too much exposure can lead to skin aging and even skin cancer. Doctors use only the lowest possible dose to prevent side effects. Phototherapy can be divided into two categories and they include UV light therapy and PUVA therapy. When it comes to UV light therapy, your skin is exposed to a combination of UVB and UVA rays. In PUVA therapy, you are given psoralen, a medication that makes your skin more receptive to the UVA light.

Other types of medications
You can find corticosteroid shots, liquids and pills and these strong drugs relieve the symptoms of severe eczema. Doctors also advocate these medications for eczema that is really difficult to treat. Side effects like bone loss and skin damage can be associated with these drugs, and that is why doctors advocate the short-term use of these products. When you scratch a lot in the affected area, your skin has to suffer damage and the bacteria gets under to cause infection. In such a situation, you must use antibiotics because they prevent bacterial skin infections in the best manner. Itching can be reduced with the help of antihistamines, and they should be taken at night to ensure sound sleep without scratching the affected the area.

These are the most common and the best medications for the treatment of eczema. Best eczema treatments always recommend these types of procedures and medications to bring relief to the patients. If you can follow a healthy diet while undergoing these treatments, you can control eczema in a fast and effective manner.

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