Know How Listerine Can Cure Your Toenail Fungus

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Toenail fungus causes pain and irritation. Often it starts as a black spot with the accumulation of white powdery substance. At times, the nail fungus infection worsens and causes yellow and white spots on the nail bed. It even makes the nails discolored and brittle. You may have crumbling nail edges which look bad. Over the time the pain worsens creating bad odor and inflammation.

Most people ignore the nail fungus infection unless they suffer pain. However, you must care for the toenail fungus to prevent the occurrence of severe nail infection.

There are many medications and herbal remedies for the treatment of toenail fungus. One such wonderful treatment is Listerine for toenail fungus. The Listerine foot bath proves beneficial to prevent the nail fungus infection. Listerine for toenail fungus works wonderfully to treat athlete’s foot and onychomycosis and the removal of dead skin from the foot. The antifungal properties of menthol and thymol present in the Listerine work well to combat the fungal infections. Listerine for toenail fungus is a time-honored natural remedy to cure the nail fungus infection.

How does the Listerine for toenail fungus work?

Here are the steps which must be performed for Listerine foot soak:

  • Take a deep bathtub in which your feet can dip properly. Take two parts of lukewarm water and one part of Listerine in the bathtub. The water level must be high enough to cover your feet. Dip your feet in the bathtub for an hour.
  • Continue the Listerine foot soak every day until you see the fungus fades away. Make it a habit of soaking your feet in Listerine water occasionally to prevent the occurrence of nail fungus in future.
  • You can even dip cotton balls in Listerine and apply them on your affected nails. Use a soft bristled brush to flake off the dead skin cells.
  • You can even add vinegar instead of water in the bathtub. The vinegar is known for its antifungal properties to remove fungus.
  • Some people even suggest wearing rubber boots filled with Listerine for toenail fungus. This method is suitable for people who don’t have time to sit and soak their feet in water.
  • When you find the growth of new skin cells, make it a habit to trim the toenail regularly. This allows the Listerine to reach the deeper parts of the nail bed and prevent the occurrence of nail infection.

Why does the Listerine work effectively to remove the nail fungus?

Many of you may wonder hearing that Listerine which is an antiseptic mouthwash has proven results to cure the nail fungus. Over the years it has emerged as an active treatment for curing fungus. The matter of the fact is Listerine contains too many disinfecting agents that work as wonders to combat the nail problems.

The disinfecting agents present in Listerine are:

Eucalyptol: Eucalyptol contains 90% eucalyptus oil and is known for its microbial properties to lessen pain and inflammation.

Thymol: It is a powerful fungicide which kills the fungal infections.

Salicylate: Salicylate has a bunch anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It facilitates the removal of the dead skin cells and boosts the production of new skin cells.

If you have moderate symptoms of nail fungus, you must apply Listerine once a day. However, if the symptoms are severe (swelling and thickening of the nail), do the Listerine foot soak twice a day. Consistency only gives results to treat the nail fungus infection.

The application of Listerine for toenail fungus doesn’t have any side effects. However, you may find change in the skin color. The color changes depending on the color of Listerine you are using. There are no safety concerns about the usage of Listerine. You can apply it to nails and feet without worrying.

Considerations for the Listerine for toenail fungus:

Thought the Listerine foot soaks don’t cause any harm, but there are some points to be considered. People who have sensitive skin suffer from mild irritation with the usage of Listerine. It is advised to carry out a small test before dipping feet in Listerine. Wait for few hours to find if there are any reactions. If there are no reactions, you can soak feet in Listerine.

Don’t use Listerine if you have ingrown toenails. Ask the doctor’s recommendation to treat the nail fungus infection if you have ingrown nails.

People who suffer from athlete’s foot must take extra precautions to get rid of the fungal infection. After soaking feet in Listerine, you must wear comfortable socks and change them frequently. You can even use powder and sprays on your feet to prevent excess sweating.

Follow adequate safety and precautions to prevent the occurrence of nail fungus infection.

The Listerine for toenail fungus treatment takes few months for the removal of the fungus. Have patience and continue the usage of Listerine for some time to see noticeable improvements.