Home Remedies for Quick Abdominal Pain Relief

Home Remedies

Stomach ache is one of the most common ailments that people of all ages suffer from. This discomforting pain surrounding the abdominal area happens for a number of reasons. The treatment depends on the cause of the stomach pain. Here are certain remedies to treat different reasons causing stomach pain. Use the remedies depending on the condition you are suffering from that has resulted in a stomach ache.


Lemon is the most easily obtainable remedy to cure stomach ache. Squeeze out the juice of one lemon and add it to a glass of water. Add honey to sweeten it and drink the same. You can also drink lemon tea with honey.


Ginger tea relieves stomach ache. It helps with indigestion thereby eliminating stomach ache. Grind some ginger and apply it on the lower part of the stomach to get relief from stomach pain. This topical use of ginger is also very effective.

Mint Juice and Ginger Juice

Mix together ginger juice, lime juice, and mint juice, one teaspoon each. Add black salt to taste. Drink the mixture to get a quick chronic stomach pain relief.


Make peppermint tea or chew a few leaves to get effective and immediate stomach pain relief.

Chamomile Tea

A cup of chamomile tea is all you need to get respite from stomach pain.

Baking Soda

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with one cup of water and drink the mixture. Baking soda is good for the abdominal ache.

Caraway Seeds

This is one of the oldest herbal remedies to stop stomach pain. Roast a handful of caraway seeds and sprinkle salt as per taste. Take a little at a time especially after having food to relieve abdominal pain.


Soak some aniseeds in water overnight. Drink it in the morning to get relief from stomach pain. This is not an instant remedy but effective one if the pain continues.


Eat yogurt if you suffer from indigestion as it is one of the main reasons for stomach pain. This is especially useful for people suffering from diarrhea since the bacteria present in it helps in proper digestion of food.

Cinnamon Tea

Put one and a half cinnamon sticks in a cup of lukewarm water. Leave it for two to three minutes in order to let the cinnamon sit and release its nutrients. Now, drink as tea. Cinnamon is an effective remedy to treat stomach ache.

Hot Water Bottle

Menstrual pain can be effectively cured by placing hot water bottle or bag on the stomach. Wrap it up in a towel if you feel the heat is burning you.


Raw fennel improves digestion and eliminates bloating. Chew raw fennel to get abdominal pain relief.


Heat half a teaspoon of this spice and mix it will milk. Drink the solution to get instant pain relief.

Plain Soda

If your stomach ache is causing due to gas formation, drink plain soda to get quick relief.

Rosemary Oil

Mix a few drops of rosemary oil with bathing water and take a bath with this water. This would soothe stomach pain along with providing relaxing effect to your body.

Warn Water and Lime Juice

Take two teaspoons of lime juice and 50 ml of warm water together. Drink the solution thrice a day to get pain relief.

Burned Toast

This is a unique way to treating stomach pain. This is especially meant to cure alcohol or food poisoning. A burned toast with charcoal is an effective home remedy to neutralize the harmful effects of toxin buildup in the body.

Cola Syrup

Cola syrup can be useful if you are suffering from abdominal pain due to nausea and indigestion. Sip some cola syrup to get pain relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Take two tablespoons of ACV in a glass of water and drink it. It is a good home remedy to cure stomach pain and indigestion. Take it before a meal so that it can absorb the nutrients from the food.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera juice can be taken if you have any of the conditions like diarrhea, constipation, bloating, which are some of the triggers of abdomen pain.


If there is an infection in the stomach that is causing the pain, you must take ample amount of rest to scare away the infection.

Over the Counter Medicines

There are certain over the counter medicines as well that can be taken to treat stomach pain. These are acetaminophen and ibuprofen. If you are experiencing nausea along with stomach pain, take antacids as that would provide you stomach pain relief.

Homeopathic Medicines for Stomach Ache

There are quite a few remedies in homeopathy as well to treat stomach ache. These are:

  • Belladonna
  • Carcinosin
  • Nux vom
  • Arsenicum album
  • Bryonia Alba

If you do not get pain relief after a certain period of time, do consult your doctor.