Here’s How Cherries Help in Gout Treatment

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Gout, which is also sometimes referred as the gouty arthritis is a condition, which typically affects the small bones of the body. It is caused due to a faulty metabolic system, gout leads to joint swelling, stiffness and burning pain in the small bones of the body. Even though this arthritis condition can affect anyone, men have more risks of getting gouts than women. Gouts can harm any joints of the body yet it mostly affects the big toe. Neglecting gouts in the initial stages can aggravate the condition. Treatment can be done by getting the condition diagnosed by a doctor. To ease the pain, patients can also consider taking home remedies like cherry juice.

Cherry juice can relieve gout pain
Research works conducted by the experts have proven the fact that consuming cherry juice for gout on a regular basis can help in treating gout-related problems significantly. As per the studies, consuming one cup of cherry every day can help in checking the risk of gout attacks by at least 35 percent. That means, increase in cherry consumption will decrease gout pain proportionately. Cherry juice has a simple measure to relieve pain. The juice consumed breaks down into anthocyanins and bioflavonoids, which in turn help in reducing the inflammation as well as the uric acid level of blood. Regular consumption of cherry juice can help in relieving the symptoms of gout pain in a couple of weeks by stabilizing uric acid level.

Though cherry juice for gout is an excellent choice for relieving the pain, just consuming any amount will not serve the purpose. To curb the increased uric acid level in blood, you need to take two servings of cherry juice each day. Depending on your preference, you can mix cherry juice with apple cider vinegar and drink.

Tart cherries and sweet cherries for the treatment of gout
Cherries have now become a popular choice for the treatment of gout. Though all types of cherries can offer positive results for the treatment of gout, tart cherries are often considered to be the best. According to the studies, anthocyanins concentration is the most in tart cherries than any other variety. If compared to sweet cherries, tart cherries can offer three times more anthocyanins. Thus, these can help in the treatment of gout more effectively.

Though the deep colored tart cherries are a better option for treatment of gout, many people do not prefer it for the taste. If you are also among them, you can certainly consider for sweet cherries. It will be better to opt for tart cherries gradually as sweet cherries contain a higher amount of sugar and sweets can be detrimental to gout-related pain. Drinking tart cherry juice for gout is quite a difficult job. To make it work easily, you can try mixing it with green tea. Adding water to the juice can also make it far more drinkable by reducing its strong flavor.

Black cherries are also wonderful
Drinking tart cherry drinks is usually difficult so, you can always replace tart cherries with black cherries. Though black cherries do not provide effective results as tart cherries, it can heal the condition to a great extent. Known for a high amount of antioxidants, extracts of black cherry can help in relieving pains in joints and bones, especially joints. It can also keep a check on uric acid formation in the system, which in turn heals gout problems from within. While two servings of tart cherry per day are enough to treat gout, the serving needs to be increased for black ones. Three servings per day are recommended for these cherries.

Supplements can also be helpful
There are instances, when cherries are not easily available in the market, or you are among them, who cannot drink the tart cherry juice at all, opting for supplements can be a good choice for you. Like many other food supplements, you can also find pills as well as supplements for tart cherry and black cherry. Pick any of them and consume as per instructions. However, make sure to purchase the product from a reputed brand and read the labels carefully. Do not go for the supplements, which contain artificial flavor or sweeteners, as these can make an adverse effect on your health.

Though cherry juice for gout is considered among the best options to treat the pain associated with the condition, solely depending on cherry juice for gout treatment is not a wise option. You should consult your doctor and get a proper diagnosis to treat gout along with its symptoms from the roots. Also, you should ask the doctor about the servings of cherry juice so that you can get the best results within the shortest time span. Just relieving the gout pain once does not guarantee complete relief from the problem. Therefore, you should keep a watch on your food and lead a healthy life.