Here Are The Best Multivitamins in 2018 to Keep You Fit


Vitamins are necessary for the body’s optimum functioning. Traditionally, our intake of vitamins has been through the food we ingest or the atmosphere around us.

Some studies are beginning to point at vitamins as preventive measures for a growing number of ailments. Vitamin D is known to help with cholesterol absorption and is a crucial aspect of heart health. Our skin usually absorbs it through sunlight.

Vitamin C helps prevent autoimmune disorders, combat eye disease as well as heart disease. There are many examples of vitamin based preventive measures that tackle everything from skin issues to cancer.

However, our intake of vitamins has taken an unhealthy turn with changes in our lifestyle. It is almost impossible to get our daily intake of vitamins through natural means alone. That’s why vitamin supplements have become essential for healthy lives and longevity in mind.

Here are a few reasons why you must ensure that you get your dose of vitamins:

  • Vitamins are necessary for keeping up your energy levels. In the absence of vitamins, the body has to work harder, thus making you feel tired. It is imperative that you supplement your nutrition with vitamins.
  • Vitamins are known to affect your brain’s functions. It is especially true for the part of your brain that regulates your mood. Thus, vitamins are a good way to boost your mood,
  • Vitamins are a great way to regulate stress and anxiety. Vitamin B, in particular, has been shown to have a direct link with our nervous system.
  • Our muscles are constantly being broken down by free radicals. Vitamins inhibit these free radicals and help maintain the strength of your muscles.
  • Vitamins have been proved to have a strong link with short term memory. Studies have shown that people who take vitamins have a better ability to retain short term memories.

Here are the top five best vitamins of this year. Do your body and mind a favor and get yourself one of 2018 best multivitamins.

  • Dr. Tobias Multivitamin And Mineral Plus Enzymes

This multivitamin product should be your go-to if your end goal is to improve your overall health. It boasts of 22 vitamins and minerals and is made from plant extracts. In fact, it boasts of having extracted from 42 fruits and vegetables, all of which are superfoods. These include blueberries and green tea.

This supplement also has many minerals that your body requires such as zinc, magnesium, and selenium. It has antioxidant properties which are good for longevity and general health.

  • Carlson Labs Super Daily

This supplement has to be taken twice a day for maximum benefit. Apart from having high dosages of vitamins, this particular supplement is is one of the best sources of multivitamins, as it is also a great source of fish oil. Fish oil is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease as well as lowers blood pressure.

Carlson Labs Super Daily has a no-frills USP, and many Americans prefer this type of product. What is advertised is what you get.

  • Animal Pak

Animal Pak supplement is produced by Ultimate Nutrition who are known for their muscle building food supplements. Even this vitamin and mineral supplement is geared towards making a fitter you. Used by many who are in the business of building muscle, use this supplement only if you are hitting the health circuit.

It has large doses of vitamins and minerals apart from amino acids. This supplement is geared towards keeping your body in anabolic growth. It contains whey proteins, so clearly this supplement is meant for people who want to build their bodies.

  • CBH

Another one of 2018’s best multivitamin is CBH. While each bottle comes with 120 capsules, it is recommended that you take four capsules every day. It contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals, though the amount of calcium in this product is low.

If you are someone who does not eat a lot of foods rich in calcium like milk and eggs, then this supplement might not be the right choice for you.

Apart from vitamins, CBH supplement also has herbal extracts that have multiple benefits. It contains a potent extract from green tea which is known to be a good antioxidant while it also assists with fat burning.

  • Kirkland Signature Daily Multi

It is a no-frills supplement that provides you with 100% of your daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals. Kirkland Signature has no other extras except for a couple of antioxidants-lycopene and lutein.

This supplement also has a blend of probiotics which will improve your gut health. As this supplement has no added additives or preservatives, it is a preferred choice for many. It is also an affordable option which makes it very popular.

Multivitamins are an essential nutrient that we must incorporate into our daily food intake. Since foods are no longer a viable option to get all your recommended levels of vitamin, going for supplements is the next obvious choice. Ensure you follow the dosages as recommended by the product. If you suffer from any pre-existing conditions, consult with your doctor before you take any of 2018 best multivitamins.