Here Are Some Foods That Help Stop Diarrhea


Diarrhea is one disorder that is simply put, a nightmare. You never know that it is coming to attack you and you barely understand what caused it in the first place until you are rendered all weak and dehydrated by those loo trips.  Only if I could make as many vacations trips as I do to the loo on diarrhea!  Past the issues diarrhea causes, let’s take stock of it and see if the food we eat could somehow clear off the loose stools and get us going.  Back on, of course.

The BRAT Diet
The most traditional of medical advice will see mention of BRAT diet. The abbreviation stands for bananas, rice, then applesauce and finally toast. Now, these could be your go-to foods if you want to stop diarrhea. The idea here is to eat stuff that could act on the bacteria while binding up all the loose motion.  The right diet needs to be dished out to defeat diarrhea.

Going bananas is the way of life for diarrhea days.  This has the elements that can bind your stool while also enhance the slowness of its passage through your intestines. The fruit is also laced with potassium that in turn controls vomiting and diarrhea.

Even though rice might not find takers in its blandest and simplest boiled form, it is the food of choice for those having a bad stomach.  This is because rice is light on the diversion front and also has the same binding effect as potassium. Fiber content is low in rice and especially so if you choose to have the wild rice and brown variants. The goal of picking foods that stop diarrhea is to choose those that have real low fiber content.

Applesauce is again an awesome choice and due to the presence of pectin, the bowel movement is calmed down and your diarrhea is controlled in a jiffy.   Moreover, there is ample natural sugar in applesauce that aids in the replenishment of all your lose energy thanks to the diarrhea issue.  The mildness and easy tolerance level of applesauce are add-on benefits.

Raising a Toast against Diarrhea is an Awesome Stress Buster
Toast helps to find an escape from diarrhea since it adds more but to what you excrete. Remember that you need to avoid buttering the same while you are on diarrhea.  Thanks to all the carbohydrates in bread toast, you actually get better levels of energy too.

The probiotic properties of yogurt are awesome and well known. In case, you have a snap bout of diarrhea.  Thanks to have the right balance of good bacteria, yogurt helps you retain body hydration levels whisk righting out the bacterial attack that triggers diarrhea.

More on Diarrhea Diet

·         While the best food to stop diarrhea work well, you need to understand that avoiding some foods in equally important.  By all means, avoid most fruits, fried foods, spicy gravies as well as nuts.  Cereals are also best avoided.

·         You should also avoid dairy products including ice-cream since these are heavy on the stomach and can simply add to your woes.  In addition, avoid foods that are processed too since these will barely suit the stomach.  Moreover, you will have to keep a check on your liquid diet too.  Instead of having plain water, go ahead and add a pinch of salt along with a half spoon of sugar. This will keep you hydrated and prevent weakness from your toilet trips.

·         Additionally, you need to avoid too much sweetness too.  This is because when you consume sweets, this could out strength in your digestive mechanism. Therefore, you have to watch this properly.

·         Boiled or baked potatoes are a filling yet effective for control of diarrhea. Additionally, this is easy to digest as well as adds more ease to your system. Do not spice up the potato too much.  Make sure you keep the seasoning simple and not even be tempted to add cheese or mayo.

If you gain more discomfort even after an entire day of watching the diet partly during diarrhea, make sure you visit your doctor. Do not let it go out of control. There are some over the counter meds as well but then, if symptoms are persistent, a visit to the doctor is mandatory.

Diarrhea is a common problem and happens frequently. Keeping these food rules in mind will actually yield better results than if you simply choose to have everything. Fighting diarrhea is important but more important is the fact that it is fight-able if you have the right food. It I’d no surprise that the right diet is a solution to do many problems.

Diarrhea can be offset by the simplest things. You must watch your diet yes but in the unfortunate situation where you get afflicted, you simply have to take the bull by the horn and make sure you cure it right.