Herbs to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels in Your Body


Testosterone plays different roles in your body, especially related to sexual health. The hormone is produced by the ovaries, testes, and adrenal glands, and it facilitates various processes in the body. It enhances libido and sexual drive in the body. It also increases energy levels and improves physical strength. Testosterone also helps in the production of RBS, regulates the storage of fat and building of lean muscles. Low levels of testosterone can result in body hair loss, weight gain, depression, erection problems, etc. You can naturally increase testosterone levels in your body by including the following in your diet:

Garlic: Its scientific name is Allium Sativum. Allicin, also found in garlic, is a compound known for having several health benefits. Stress is one of the main reasons for low testosterone levels. Allicin controls and reduces the stress hormone, cortisol. Reducing this hormone allows more testosterone production.

Puncture vine: This herb became popular mainly in the west after people claimed after using that it has improved their performance and sexual drive. This herb also goes by the name Tribulus Terrestris. People in India and China have used this herb for centuries to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence. Experts believe that this herb may raise testosterone levels as well. It is known to secrete luteinizing hormone by the pituitary gland which in turn fuels the production of testosterone. This is one of the herbs to increase testosterone and can be taken as a tablet, capsule, or tea.

Horny goat weed: This item has been used since time immemorial. Its scientific name is Epimedium. It is one of the herbs to increase testosterone levels due to the presence of icariin in it as an active ingredient. Tests show that when this flavonoid enters the body, it acts as testosterone. The herb improves corticosterone and testosterone circulation in the blood. Moreover, it boosts nitric oxide level in the body. Thus, horny goat is advised to those who have low libido.

Saw palmetto: Researchers suggest that this herb help to increase testosterone and also in increasing the production of sperm and boosting low libido. It can also help to deal with benign prostatic hyperplasia and effects of prostate enlargement. This is surprising because testosterone is one of the reasons behind prostate enlargement.

Yohimbe: Yohimbe or yohimbine is one of the herbs to increase testosterone levels. This herb is scientifically known as pausinystalia and is specifically used to take care of symptoms of low testosterone.

Mucuna pruriens: This is one of the herbs to increase testosterone with its anabolic properties. The presence of L-dopa in a high amount of this herb makes it helpful to treat erectile dysfunction.

Fenugreek: The properties of fenugreek let conversion of cholesterol into testosterone happen. Fenugreek is widely used in Indian and Mediterranean cuisines. Whether you use it as spice or herb, it would give you the same boosting benefit.

Blue passion flowers: This flower is a rich source of chrysin, which makes this one of the herbs to increase testosterone levels. It also enhances sperm motility and concentration. You can either have tea made of this flower or supplements that contain chrysin to get the benefits.

Kale: It is rich in vitamins A and C and fiber. Men are supposed to get the benefit of maintaining their hormonal balance. It contains a phytochemical called indole-3-carbinol, which reduces the aromatase enzyme engaged in the production of estrogen. When the female hormone levels are high, they lower the testosterone amount. Kale helps to increase the levels of testosterone by reducing the body’s estrogen level.

Malaysian ginseng: This is one of the herbs to increase testosterone levels. It has been in use for many years to promote longevity, strength, and sexual drive. It can boost your libido, testosterone, and performance. This Southeast Asian wonder herb helps to balance male hormones and improve mood as well. It has antimicrobial, fever-fighting, osteoporosis-inhibition, and anti-diabetic properties. Testosterone is one of the many androgen hormones that this herb stimulates. Malaysian ginseng increases endurance, stamina, and energy levels. It also fights high blood pressure, depression, and fatigue.

Indian spinach: This green leafy vegetable can naturally increase testosterone levels. The most beneficial are said to be its alcohol extracts.

Pine bark extract: Pine bark extract is removed from the inner bark of the Pinus Pinaster, a variety of pine. It has various active properties like proanthocyanidins. Pine bark extract is known to lower cholesterol, correct erectile dysfunction, and body enhancement. Studies show that pine bark extract was used with L-Arginine aspartate to correct ED symptoms and improve testosterone.

Withania somnifera: It has been widely used as medicine in Ayurvedic treatment, practiced mainly in India. It treats infertility and erectile dysfunction. Many infertile men have been reported to have improved serum concentration of testosterone with the use of this herb. Subjects have shown improvement in sperm concentration, ejaculate volume, and sperm motility. Roots and berries of this herbs are used to make teas and supplements.