Helping You Find Some of the Best Resveratrol Supplements


With all the buzz about this plant compound, you might be confused about the actual benefits it provides. Drinking a lot of red wine may seem like the best way to get the benefits of this plant compound.

Resveratrol supplements provide larger and concentrated amounts of this beneficial antioxidant, which is more than you could get from any food, per serving.

What Is Resveratrol?
Resveratrol is a naturally occurring polyphenol found in sources like red grapes, peanuts, Japanese knotweed, and blueberries. It is a powerful antioxidant. The highest naturally occurring concentration of resveratrol is present in the skin of red grapes. This is why red wine and red grapes have recently become the focus of studies, for their anti-aging properties.

Supplements that contain resveratrol, extract the compound from red grapes, berries, and from Japanese knotweed. Many studies have shown the potential benefits of this antioxidant compound. Resveratrol is produced by plants to protect themselves against certain diseases and sun damage.

It is thought that concentrated amounts of this plant compound can provide similar benefits to humans. So far, lab studies on animals have revealed some potential benefits, but the proven and recognized benefits are its antioxidant properties.

Resveratrol is available in two isomers—cis and trans. Most research studies were been conducted on the trans isomer of Resveratrol, so many Resveratrol supplements are labeled as Trans-Resveratrol.

Resveratrol Potential Uses
This plant compound is popular for providing people with numerous health benefits, but the real potential is still under study.

May Help Lower Systolic Blood Pressure
Systolic Blood Pressure (the upper number of your BP readings) indicates the pressure, that is exerted on the walls of the arteries during heartbeats.

Systolic BP usually rises with age, as arteries begin to stiffen. Resveratrol may be of help here because it helps to increase the production of nitric oxide, which helps relax blood vessels.

Helps Maintain Hormone Levels
Researchers have found a unique capability in this plant compound—it helps to maintain healthy levels of the appropriate hormones in men and women. It has a positive effect on testosterone levels in males, while it promotes and controls estrogen levels in women. It helps in treating hormone imbalance problems in both sexes.

May Control Cholesterol Levels
Resveratrol is an antioxidant, and it helps to reduce the oxidation of LDL, commonly referred to as bad cholesterol. LDL oxidation contributes to the buildup of plaque on artery walls, leading to heart diseases.

Other potential uses include controlling diabetes by raising insulin sensitivity, reducing brain damage and thereby reducing age-related cognitive decline.

However, resveratrol is best recognized for its antioxidant properties that can slow down signs of aging.

Some Of The Best Resveratrol Supplements Available
Resveratrol supplements are mostly made from resveratrol extracts derived from Japanese knotweed and red grapes. Here’s a list of the best resveratrol supplements available.

Country Life Resveratrol Plus
This certified gluten-free product is affordable and can help boost the immune system by controlling free radicals that cause cell damage. The pack contains 60 capsules.

Trunature Resveratrol Plus
These give you a 100 mg of resveratrol for each capsule. It also contains a small amount of Green Tea Extract.

Nature’s Answer Resveratrol Reserve
A pure resveratrol extract from muscadine grapes, free of artificial ingredients like alcohol, sweeteners and benzoates/sorbates. It comes in a liquid form (150 ml).

This 4-ounce bottle contains resveratrol extracted from muscadine berries and wild North American grapes. It contains all the beneficial flavonoids that are extracted from the skins of these berries and grapes.

Bulk Resveratrol Powder
This 100-gram zip pouch contains pure resveratrol extract in a powder form. It comes in a factory sealed foil zip pouch. It is lab tested for purity certification. You should store in a cool dry place. You need to get medical advice for the right dosage and be careful while measuring it.

Doctor’s Best Trans-Resveratrol
This bottle of 60 capsules contains trans-resveratrol, which has a lot of valuable biological activity. It contains polyphenols and trans-resveratrol extracts from the knotweed plant. It is rigorously tested for purity and one of the best resveratrol supplements.

ReserveAge Nutrition Resveratrol
This pack of 60 capsules provides an age-defying formula that helps you stay youthful and healthy. This blend combines polyphenol extracts from Japanese knotweed, muscadine grapes, and the skin of red grapes.

The award-winning patented pro-longevity blend activates the SIRT1 Gene, promoting cellular rejuvenation. This is one of the best resveratrol supplements available.

Greens Plus Resveratrol Plus
These vegetarian capsules contain resveratrol that’s extracted from the seeds and the skin of red wine grapes. Each capsule gives you as much resveratrol as that you can get from drinking 10 glasses of wine.

This is an advanced antioxidant supplement that promotes immunity, youthfulness, heart health, and helps you get glowing skin, nails, and hair.

These are some of the best resveratrol supplements available today. There are numerous other resveratrol supplements available, but consult your medical advisor before you choose one.