Five Best Baby Formulas For Better Growth Of Babies


Having a baby changes your life for better. However, with babies come different responsibilities that you need to fulfill as a caring parent, and hence you should know some important facts about parenting. Apart from that, you should also know about various food and health products that are necessary for your baby in the initial days so that they can grow properly and get enough of nutrients for a healthy body and mind.

Taking care of your baby doesn’t only include grooming, washing, bathing, and medication but it also includes the products that you use and how you use them. Since babies are different from adults, it is very important to understand their body and their requirements so that you can provide them the necessary portion and build them properly from the very childhood days.

A healthy child is one who is healthy both physically and mentally and giving them proper nutrition not only helps in their physical but also mental growth. To nurture brain growth and development, usage of proper and best baby formulas is essential since a tender age.

How do Best Baby Formulas work?
Since you have got an idea about baby formulas and their importance, now you should know how they work for your baby. These baby formulas are designed especially for infants to babies under the age of 12 months. These baby formulas can be in the form of powder, semi-liquid or fully liquid formulas. They can be prepared for cup feeding, bottle feeding or any other way. These baby formulas are usually considered as a full or partial substitute for mother’s milk and are manufactured and prepared in such way.

Base Ingredients For Baby Food
The most basic ingredients used in infant formulas are cow’s milk, whey, and casein as a protein source along with a blend of vegetable oil for fat, lactose for carbohydrate, and a mix of vitamin and minerals depending on the manufacturer.

Here is a list of best baby formulas which you can go through to ensure the best for your baby and their health and growth:

  1. Similac Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula

This one is the best baby formula and is the top-selling baby formula brand in the entire United States. It also became the first to make a non-GMO version of baby food as well. This baby formula typically consists of soy and corn derivatives. The 90% of crops used in the baby formula are grown from genetically altered seeds. You get a pack of six for $132.

  1. Vermont Organic Milk-Based Organic Infant Formula With Iron

This baby formula is organic and is also certified by USDA. It is made without using growth hormones, antibiotics, harmful pesticides or anything as such. This brand supports pollution minimization, biodiversity, protection of the ecology, and believes in eco-friendly products. Therefore, their cows roam freely and feed on organic fodders which make this brand bets for the environment. This product will cost you $98 for four. This is one of the best baby formula.

  1. Pure Bliss Infant Formula With Fresh Milk From Grass-Fed Cows

This is another brand of baby food that is known to be the best organic food for toddlers. This product is also by the top brand Similac, and if you are using Similac and want to continue it, then this is the one for you. It has 18 key nutrients with DHA for brain development and probiotics for digestive health. This will cost you $40.

  1. Gerber Hypoallergenic Powder Infant Formula With Iron

It is a fact that few babies are allergic to cow’s milk and if that is the case with your little sunshine then you can surely rely on this baby formula. Hunting for one that doesn’t contain cow milk can be frustrating, but things are easier with this hypoallergenic powder by Gerber. It is a perfect baby food that contains cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA), a minimal quantity of whey that the babies can digest easily. It also has ingredients to support your baby’s gut flora. You can get this for just $25. This is one of the best baby formula.

  1. Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula

This is another good product for toddlers with sensitivities. This formula is dense in terms of nutrition. This baby food is GMO-free and is mild and sweet. It also includes 22 vitamins and minerals with an added boost of iron. This best baby formula is also free of growth hormones, preservatives, antibiotics, flavoring or coloring. It is available in the drug store for $21.

With the above brands for baby food, you can assure that your baby is getting the best nutrition and food in its growing years. So, the next time when you find yourself in the middle of confusion then you can surely pick any of these baby formulas, and your baby will simply love it.