Everything you Need to Know about the Price of Botox


You might have noticed that different surgeons charge different prices for the same Botox surgery. So, is there a difference between a surgeon who charges a high fee and the one who charges a low price?

Yes indeed! There is a huge difference between the two surgeons. This difference determines the outcome of your Botox surgery. The surgeons who charge a high fee are experienced and have a reputation for many successful cases. Getting a surgery done from them is much safer than the ones that are inexperienced. Surgeons who sell cheap Botox injections are illegally buying them from outside, or they are diluting the original content of the injection. In both cases, you may have to suffer from the disfigurement of body parts.

So, how do you find the right surgeon and the perfect price to pay for his services. It is quite simple. Do a thorough research of all the best surgeons in your area, compare their fee structure and then opt for the one that fits your bill.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you choose your surgeon:

Botox Injection Cost

• A Botox surgery generally costs a person around $300 to $1000. The cost depends on various factor like the surgeon, area of the hospital, quality of services and also on the popularity of the surgeon.

• Botox injection cost is charged in two different ways. The first is the most commonly applied one, where the cost is per unit.

• It costs approximately $ 10-15 per unit for a person who is planning for a Botox.

• Another is where the doctor charges differently for different facial regions like the frown lines, smile line, worry lines and so on.

• Once you compare, you will find that the per unit Botox injection cost is a cheaper option than the per area method.

• The Botox injection cost will differ according to various factors like the number of injections required and the time of your surgery.

Discounts & Financial help

• If you are getting a Botox for a medical reason like in cases of a chronic migraine, overactive bladder, muscle spasm or any other non-cosmetic purposes, you might get help from your insurance company.

• If you are using Botox for medical purposes, then you can call the Reimbursement Hotline of Allergen, the company which invented Botox, and ask if your insurance would cover the cost of the Botox injection.

• Ask the clinic for a financial plan for the Botox injection cost. Many clinics these days provide financial plans.

• The trend of organizing the Botox parties is quite popular due to the increase in demand for them. In these parties, all the people who want to get injected gather and call for the surgeon. The surgeon then individually injects the people with Botox.

• In such parties, make sure that the Botox injection is stored and sterilized to prevent any mishaps and complications.

Choosing the payment options

• Clinics take the Botox injection cost in all kinds of payment methods. This means that you can pay through credit card, debit card, cheque or cash.

• For people who cannot afford to pay for the Botox injection cost in a single go, there are options which let you plan your finance for the surgery.

• This will let the patient comfortably pay the price of the treatment over a certain period.

Complications of Botox

• There are many complications which you need to be aware of before you go for the surgery.

• A common side effect of Botox is allergy reaction. This allergy reaction might last for several weeks after the surgery. It is advisable to consult your doctor immediately if you experience any sort of allergic reaction.

• If you get your surgery done from an unskilled surgeon, you might end up with a lopsided ugly looking face.

• If you overdo the Botox, then you will see some unwanted consequences. You will notice that your eyebrows, face or your eyes have started to droop. Wait for a week or two, if your face is still drooping then consult the doctor.

• For people with sensitive nerve and muscle conditions, it is advisable to avoid such treatments. Botox surgeries might prove fatal for some.

• Make sure that you do not indulge in exercises, yoga or hard-core activities for a few months. This will mess around with your facial muscles.

• Botox surgeries might not need anesthesia, but that does not mean it is any less painful. Be ready to have an aching face and temporary bruises for the initial weeks.

Keeping all the above do’s and don’ts in mind, just make sure that you choose a surgeon who is an expert and with whom you share a good comfort level. This will ensure that you have a good surgery experience along with optimizing the botox injection cost. Post your surgery, if you’re still not satisfied with the results, you always have the option of going for a retouch and getting your face fixed.