10 Things You Need to Know about Anti Snoring Devices


Snoring is the result of obstructed movement of air when a person breathes while sleeping. Some people snore loud, while others do not cause much disturbance. In the realm of medicine, the condition is characterized by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Snoring is one of the factors causing sleep deprivation.

People suffering from OSA also suffer from irritability, drowsiness, and lack of attention. Loud snoring has been associated with heart attack and stroke in people. Snoring causes vibration that passes through the carotid artery that leads to carotid artery atherosclerosis in a person. This also leads to the development of atherosclerotic plaque. One in every 15 Americans is believed to have moderate sleep apnea. More than half of the population in the world is suffering from some degree of snoring.

There are many solutions to treat snoring. There are many anti-snoring devices that help you get rid of that prolong habit of snoring while you sleep.

It is one of the most popular devices among snorers. They come with almost no side effects. They are proven and established.

Chin straps
They are not new, but effective. Chip straps work like jaw retaining mouthpieces in context their results. It is simple to use. It is used under the chin, over the top, and round the back. They are made using neoprene and nylon. The quality of chin straps is determined by the material it is made of.

A type of snoring solution is an anti-snoring pillow. There are many types of snoring solutions that allow your head to lie in a position that does obstruct the airways and cause snoring. In other words, anti-snoring pillow corrects the wrong sleeping position that can otherwise cause snoring. However, they are not found to make much difference to the problem and thus are not much reliable for some people.

Nasal devices
There are many anti-snoring nasal devices. They range from adhesive-stripes to nasal cones. People suffering from nasal obstruction due to snoring can take advantage of such devices. People having nasal obstruction due to an allergy or cold can also take advantage of them.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is another solution for breathing disorders. It is mainly invented to help those suffering from sleep apnea. Use of CPAP stops snoring.

Pills and sprays
There are medications available to help you deal with OSA. However, they are not extensively studied, tested and they proved to be effective. They are usually homeopathic remedies. They are either sprays or pills. They work by reducing inflammation in nose and throat. They also may help reduce mucus. This is helpful if the cause of snoring is cold or allergy.

There are diverse types of surgical solutions that help reduce and eliminate snoring in people. If snoring is due to the formation of extra lumps blocking airways, surgery is conducted to remove the extra formations and help clear the airways to provide relief to a patient. However, it may involve certain risk to go under surgery. That is why; people view it as a last resort.

Fake anti-snoring devices
There are other many alternatives available online or offline. But it is difficult to say how effective and reliable they are. There are many people today selling many kinds of things online. You should always buy those devices that you can trust and are recommended by the physician. You may hear about anti-snoring devices such anti-snoring watches and anti-snoring rings. Sometimes people just sell anything without thinking much. Many innocents fall into their trap. So it is important to understand the difference between what works and what doesn’t.

Some anti-snoring devices may work for few days and stop working altogether later. Some devices can even cause harm instead of doing anything good for your health. Thus, it is important to remain cautious of such products.

Best choice anti-snoring devices
Of all the devices mentioned above, mouthpieces are considered as the most useful and reliable solution for the problem. They are also the most effective. They may provide instant relief to a snorer. But, here too, quality of the product matters. A good quality mouthpiece will offer greater benefit than the one with low quality. Never compromise with your health, always go for the best.
There are two types of mouthpieces available. Therefore, here you have to make a decision about which type suits your requirement and condition. They are different in shape and size. However, one is better regarding performance. During sleep, they keep your lower jaw in forward. They keep airways open and bring down the level of noise. They may cause excessive alteration and salvation of tooth alignment. This may require regular visits to the dentist. This also causes people to limit their use. The two anti-snoring devices mouthpieces are:

  • Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) or Jaw Retaining
  • Tongue Retaining Device (TRD) or Tongue Retainer