Endometrial cancer – 3 foods to avoid


Endometrial carcinoma is a type of cancer, specifically uterine cancer. It is one of the most common type of invasive cancer that develops in the female reproductive system. The condition is said to be more common among post-menopausal individuals. Estrogen imbalance, PCOS, and obesity, are some of the factors that can increase the risk of developing this condition. Besides, there are certain foods that can contribute as risk factors for endometrial carcinoma.

Dairy has been increasingly losing its credibility as a healthy food group. It does not have a clear stand when it comes to dairy and its association with cancer. However, for patients with endometrial carcinoma, it is advised to stay off or at least try to avoid dairy as a regular food group. It is the same for various other types of cancer. The lack of evidence holds doctors and other care professionals from declaring dairy as a complete no-no for cancer patients. However, from the available data, it can be concluded that regular intake of dairy products does increase the chances of developing endometrial cancer because of the high saturated fat content, and the food group’s ability to impact the level of estrogen in the body.

Trans and saturated fats
Hydrogenated oils are commonly used in the food industry. They are mainly employed to increase the shelf life of packaged and processed foods. However, the increased intake of trans fats in combination with saturated fats on the regular significantly increases an individual’s chances of developing conditions like endometrial carcinoma. This means it is advisable for at-risk patients or patients with a diagnosis to try and eliminate foods high in saturated fat content from their menu.

Processed meat
Processed meat is one of the most common sources of unhealthy fats, excessive salt, and other combination of chemicals that can negatively affect the body. Deli meats like pastrami, salami, pepperoni, hot dogs, and more add to the high amount of unhealthy fats being consumed. The high sodium nitrate content of these foods does not help either. It is therefore advisable to switch to uncured meats for a better nutrient profile and healthy lifestyle.