Eight Best Allergy Medicines


Have you ever felt a rash on your skin for which you couldn’t find a concrete reason? Did you ever experience abrupt sneezing followed by watery eyes? The reason behind most of these unexplainable symptoms is an allergy. Allergy is a condition that is initiated by an overreaction of the body’s immune system to an allergen in the surroundings. Normally, a bout of allergy is acute and occurs instantaneously. There are different kinds of allergens that affect individuals differently. A person who is allergic to mushrooms might not be allergic to dust mites, while someone might not be allergic to both. The typical forms of allergies include hay fever which is the most common type of allergy and is particularly caused by sensitivity to pollen.Dust and dry weather fuel the occurrence of atopic dermatitis. Just like hay fever inflames the nasal cavity, this eczema inflames the skin tissue. Asthma is an allergy that is activated by air pollution and low levels of air purity. The allergen, in this case, is the suspended particulate matter. Food allergy is triggered by a food product or a category of products such as eggs, wheat, milk, and seafood.Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic disease that is caused by an insect bite. It is not easy to determine the exact cause of the allergy since almost all the allergic reactions produce similar symptoms. You can inherit a particular allergy from your family and may find your siblings suffering from the same. Some individuals are also sensitive to changes in weather and animal dander. Most of the time, uneasiness is experienced due to undesirable effects of medicines. A distinct skin type or a specific race of individuals are also more responsive to allergens. Symptoms of a possible allergy are coughing and heavy breath followed by a running nose. The eyes can turn red and watery as a result of conjunctivitis. Sometimes, excessive sneezing can block the eustachian tube.Painful rashes and lesions get developed on the skin. Nausea and diarrhea are other common signs of an allergy. Also, the sinuses may get inflamed and aggravate the entire allergic condition.

The best way to treat an allergy is to take timely medicines which can help in countering further exacerbation of the ailment. Most allergies subside with the use of antihistamines, decongestants as well as glucocorticoids. The life-threatening disease of anaphylaxis may require an injection containing epinephrine. Immunotherapy and homeopathy medicine may be undertaken to treat some allergies. Below are some best allergy medicines are widely popular in alleviating the symptoms of allergy:

  • Allegra
    Allegra Allergy is the most sought after medicine for curing allergic reactions. With Fexofenadine as an active ingredient, it can make the symptoms go away in no time. The Allegra-D is a more active version of the Allegra Allergy and is preferred to treat severe cases.
  • Advil
    This medicine is a decongestant and soothes coughing, sneezing, and cold, and is one of the best allergy medicine. It can, however, intensify sleeplessness and blood pressure. Therefore, it should not be taken in excess quantities or a combination with other medicines. It has two variants namely, Advil – Allergy Sinus and Advil- Cold and Sinus.
  • Aleve
    This medicine comes in the form of Aleve D Sinus and Cold as well as Aleve D Sinus and Headache. There is not much difference between the two as both contain Naproxen sodium is one of the constituents. This medicine is said to cause spasms in the stomach and should, therefore, be consumed carefully.
  • Alavert
    It composes of the antihistamine loratadine and has proved to be effective for a good 24 hours and hence, it is one of the best allergy medicine. Another version of it might contain pseudoephedrine sulfate which is efficacious in relieving congestion. This medicine also claims not to cause drowsiness. Alavert Allergy and Alavert allergy Sinus are its two types.
  • Benadryl
    Benadryl Allergy Dye-Free is considered by individuals who are sensitive to the color enhancing dye present in medicines. For others, the Benadryl Allergy medicine works well and is one of the best allergy medicine. It has a responds very quickly and is favored in the case of acute reactions.
  • Chlor
    The Chlor-Trimeton is a traditional medicine that has the antihistamine Chlorpheniramine. This, however, only has a short-term impact ranging from 2 to 4 hours. It is a one of the best medicine but can give you a dry mouth.
  • Boiron
    The BoironSabadil Allergy is a herbal medicine that works on the theory of immunotherapy. It consists of minute quantities of pollen to help make the body unsusceptible to allergens. Take this medicine only if your doctor recommends it.
  • Clear Eye
    It is a medicine that has been specifically developed for eye allergies or to relieve symptoms involving the eyes such as redness and irritation. It is one of the best allergy medicine for eyes.