Effective Ways to Treat Toe Fungus

Home Remedies

A sudden yellow or white spot under the toenail can get you alarmed in the first instance. Yet, it is not something to be really worried. The yellow or white spot is generally an indication of the toe fungus and can affect one at any age. The symptoms keep on changing with the spread of the infection and can get the nails discolored in many people. Crumbling of the edges or thickening of the skin is also quite common in case of a toe fungus. As the infection mostly affects toenails, it is referred as toe fungus, yet it can affect the other fingers of hands or feet as well.

Patients mostly get healed by following some self-care tips and seldom require medications. Whether it is a self-care toe fungus treatment or medicinal cure, toe fungus can relapse at any time. Therefore, just getting the toe fungus treatment is not enough. Identifying and avoiding the cause of infection is also essential.

Toe fungus treatment
The mild fungus is generally treated at home. However, in severe cases, it may appear as psoriasis and need proper diagnosis done by a podiatrist. In case, you cannot find a podiatrist, you may consult a dermatologist. Doctors may prescribe medicines by checking the extent of infection or may also scrape some skin from the affected region and send it for a test in a laboratory. Medicines vary from one patient to other and should be taken according to the prescription only.

Oral antifungal medicines– In most of the cases, doctors prescribe antifungal drugs for the cure as these offer quick relief from the infection. Depending on the severity of the condition, doctors may prescribe itraconazole or terbinafine medicines. Apart from curing the infection, these medicines also help in the replacement of the damaged part with a new nail. Though these drugs are helpful in healing the infection, it may lead to severe side-effects including liver damage, if taken for prolong period of time or over-the-counter.

Medicinally approved nail cream- Ointments or nail creams are also prescribed for treating fungus infection in the toe. This is generally recommended in mild cases when the nails are thin. Applying this cream checks the infection by checking the spread of the fungus and patients do not complain of hardening of nails from fungal infection.

Medically approved nail polish – Ciclopirox or medicated nail polish for checking fungal infections is also recommended by doctors for toe fungus treatment. Just paint the infected nails as well as surrounding skin once a day and check the spread of infection. Clean the extra nail polish layers after every seven days and apply a fresh layer. This is recommended for patients, who come in contact with the infection causing agents frequently.

Surgical toe fungus treatment – Toe fungus in most of the cases is treated with medicines and ointments. Yet, in some exceptional cases, doctors may have to recommend surgical cure to remove the infected nail completely and apply the anti-fungal medicine right on the infected area. Permanent removal of the nail might also be suggested in some cases. It is mostly recommended in patients, whose nails become completely unresponsive to medicines or ointments.

Home remedies to treat toe fungus
Home remedies and self-care can help in treating the toe fungus effectively. Some of the natural cures for toe fungus treatment are listed below:

Bring some changes in diet plan – Often neglected, improper diet may also contribute to the worsening of toe fungus infection. Therefore, to get rid of the condition, you should eat healthy foods instead of junks. To provide your body much-required nutrients, you need to include foods rich in protein, iron, vitamin D, calcium and fatty acids. It is also recommended to consume probiotic enriched yogurt every day.

Snakeroot extract – Studies have proven the effectiveness of the snakeroot flower as a toe fungus treatment. Applying snakeroot extracts as per direction can offer a complete cure to the condition within three months. Yet, positive results are felt right from the first couple of week.

Extracts of olive leaf – Oleuropein, which is present in olive fungal is known for its antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Not just that, it can also boost in immunity building and works excellently for treating toe fungus. Depending on your preference, you can get olive leaf capsules or apply the leaf salve on the infected area. Yet, taking capsules offer better results than salve. For the best results, you need to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Tea tree oil – Known for its antiseptic and antifungal properties, tea tree oil can help in treating toenail infection. To get the benefits, you just need to apply tea tree oil on the affected toe by using a cotton swab. Apply it twice a day till the infection is healed completely.

Apart from treating the fungus, it is important to maintain proper health and hygiene of your toes. Clean them every day and select the right footwear to protect toes.