Effective Ways to Relieve Back Pain


Back pain can be caused due to lack of exercise or prolonged or frequent bending. In our 9 to 5 sedentary lifestyle, we tend to develop a poor posture by slouched sitting which can trigger back pain. Sitting and standing for long hours, a high and common demand of a working lifestyle is also a contributory factor to back pain. Poor footwear or wrong footwear has also revealed as a cause to back pain.

A common phrase, ‘sitting is the new smoking’ is on the lips of the generation which succumbs to back pain. The chiropractor has warned of increased incidents of debilitating back pain. Moreover, many studies say that men experience back pain earlier than women.

In a study conducted between the age group of 20 to 60 years, it was revealed that 69% of the patients were prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, 35% were given muscle relaxants, 12% narcotics and 4% acetaminophen. 20% received no medication. It was also seen that patients who were keen to receive medication were prescribed the same. The report concluded that Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, often augmented by muscle relaxants, are the primary care for back pain.

The symptoms that you feel are a persistent ache in the back which does not go away with rest. In some cases, you may suffer from weight loss, fever and difficulty in performing daily tasks. In some cases, back pain may take several weeks to go away, but in some cases, it may persist.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are provided if the pain continues. These are also available over the counter and therefore are called OTC drugs. OTC painkillers for back pain can be bought without a prescription. Most health care providers would recommend Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the swelling around the swollen disc in the back. If these painkillers for back pain are taken in high dosages or for a long time, it may cause serious side effects. Taking painkillers for back pain without a healthcare provider’s suggestion is not recommended for more than a week.

It is true that medication like painkillers for back pain cannot heal a back injury but can only relieve pain temporarily. Some of these painkillers for back pain can also have harmful effects on your liver. Natural remedies for back pain are a healthy way to de-addict you from heavy painkillers for back pain. Dealing with a chronic problem or lingering injury does not necessarily need a support of popping pain relievers.

You can also take your doctor’s suggestion to aid resorting to natural remedies, as posture, plays an eminent role in people struggling with back pain. In an office environment, you can resort to correct posture, by using back support where you have to sit for long hours. A change to a more comfortable seat is highly recommended along with setting a proper height of your desk. Slouching or bending while sitting should also be checked upon.

Yoga has also proved to assist people who are suffering from lower back pain. Great improvements were seen in function compared to those who receive conventional care like painkillers for back pain or physical therapy.

Stretching has also provided to be as effective as yoga in treating back pain. There are several stretching exercises which can be used to stretch all major muscle groups in your back. But it is emphasized that trunk and neck muscles should be concentrated upon.

Massage is also beneficial not only to relieve the stress of the working environment along with treating yourself to a journey towards decreased pain in the lower back. It was seen that weekly massages, on a long-term basis, had benefited people who were suffering from lower back pain.

Another effective method is Acupuncture. It does involve having needles inserted into your skin, but an open mind is a key to relieving chronic back pain. Many studies have shown that acupuncture treatments found back relief than people who received conventional care.

Strength building exercises are also a key to fight back pain. You must have often heard to stand with the back to the wall, making it parallel to the wall, with your shoulder blades pressed against the wall. This position may initially hurt but aids in building strength in those areas that are affected. There are several more exercises that aid in relieving back pain but care must be taken while doing the same.

In a working environment, there can be a build-up of stress, which can affect your back along with your mental health. Anxiousness can lead to the body making the muscles tense, which can result in severe back pain. There are several remedies to fight stress and amongst them is meditation. Meditation has resulted in the reduction in pain intensity.

Medications like painkillers for back pain should be the last resort, and several other methods should be tried before taking any drug. Comfrey root, aquatic therapy, Tai Chi sessions, Pilates, etc. are various other remedies that can be used prior to using painkillers for back pain.