Effective Tips to Cure Tinnitus Naturally

Home Remedies

You might have had that experience where you hear a sound such as ticking or ringing to continuous pure tone that is not from outside of your body. It is also known as ‘ringing in the ears.’ It can affect one in ten adults and is more likely in those over the age group of 60 years. This sound that you hear is tinnitus. Minor disorders of the ear and the body can be accompanied along with tinnitus. Tinnitus has two origins which are the psychological origin and the neurological origin. Sometimes excessive amounts of stress can also lead to the cause of tinnitus. A proper diagnosis of tinnitus can help you understand the underlying cause and thereby assist in the adoption of healing treatments that help cure tinnitus naturally. Some medications have also been proven to cause tinnitus and therefore, sometimes leaving an aid medicine can assist in curing tinnitus.

The first step towards the care for tinnitus is prompt care of a ear infection, discontinuing any medication or TMJ problems. Tinnitus can be cured by Cognitive and Behavioural therapy. Cognitive therapy focuses on the perception towards tinnitus, whereas behavioral therapy uses the systematic desensitization approach. Cognitive therapy involves coping with tinnitus by inducing more positive thinking. Cognitive therapy includes counseling and cognitive restructuring. Behavioural therapy focuses on several methods that involve attentive control. Sound therapy and music therapy have also proved as an effective way to cure tinnitus naturally.

Acoustic therapy helps you mask the noise in your ears. This is done by turning on a background music or sound that has elements of white or pink noise in it. Massaging and stretching the neck and masticatory muscles have shown significant improvement in tinnitus.

Some form of foods has been beneficial in alleviating tinnitus. An effective home remedy for tinnitus is ginkgo biloba, a plant extract. Care should be taken while selecting a product with ginkgo biloba in order to cure tinnitus naturally. A specified amount of it is needed in order to cure tinnitus successfully. It has proven to help people suffering from tinnitus. Food rich in B12 and zinc has been found beneficial. Sesame seeds have been found to be beneficial in oriental and eastern medicine systems to cure tinnitus naturally. The increase in the intake of zinc as per some studies has shown significant improvement in the patients of tinnitus. A high dosage of 50 milligrams (mg) of zinc for two months daily as per studies has improved the condition of most of the patients with tinnitus. This is rather a high dosage, and acknowledgeable healthcare professional could guide and help determine the intake of zinc for the treatment of tinnitus. This intake of zinc has to be balanced with a copper supplement in order to not develop a copper deficiency.

The use of Black Cohosh is not as popular as that of ginkgo biloba, but it is recommended in order to aid the cure of tinnitus naturally. Black cohosh has several estrogenic properties thereby commonly lauded for various female issues. As poor blood circulation is one of the causes of tinnitus, black cohosh can help manage blood pressure levels naturally which thereby helps reduce or eliminate the noises you hear in your ears. Black cohosh can be taken in the form of tea and works best when combined with ginkgo biloba.

Here are some tips to cure tinnitus naturally.

  • Exercising and an intake of a proper healthy wholesome diet would also help control the effects of tinnitus in a patient. As some tinnitus is caused by healing lesions in the inner ear, Goldenseal is proved to be helpful.
  • Avoiding excessive salt intake and certain food items is beneficial. Fatty foods, stimulants can also be helpful in controlling tinnitus. Coffee has not been proved to have an adverse effect on tinnitus and therefore, can be consumed. Reducing salt intake is recommended as tinnitus is associated with high blood pressure.
  • Certain exercises have also proved helpful in curing tinnitus naturally. Exercises that help in breathing properly have been proven to aid tinnitus. Certain exercises help relieve the effects of tinnitus as well. Guided imagery, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation have proved beneficial for tinnitus.
  • Certain precautions have to be taken as the use of some may have side effects with other diseases.
  • Chiropractic adjustments can also help tinnitus that has been caused by the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) problems. The chiropractic treatment would help in the manual realignment of the TMJ problems.
  • Acupuncture can also cause some hope for a cure for tinnitus.
  • Joining a support group is also helpful in coping with the depression and anxiety that could be associated with tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not a disease in itself. It is the underlying symptom of some health condition. Therefore, eradicating the underlying health condition can also lead to the cure of tinnitus.