Effective Home Remedies to Treat Heartburn

Home Remedies

Heartburn is a stomach condition which is caused by acid reflux, thereby causing a burning sensation in your throat. This situation occurs when the ring which delivers the food, relaxes which it ideally should not. This eventually results in the stomach acid traveling to your esophagus, thereby causing a burning sensation. The primary reason for heartburn is a sedentary lifestyle, food habits, erratic routine and lack of healthy sleep. Whether it happens to you on a frequently or occasionally, here are a few remedies on how to treat heartburn.

Weight loss
One of the prime reasons for heartburn is excessive weight gain due to overeating. Foods high in acidic release tend to ignite taste buds thereby increasing their consumption. These foods trigger the acidic elements in the stomach which eventually lead to reflux and release acid into the esophagus, resulting in heartburn. Try and keep track of foods you consume as well as opt for a healthy diet.

Cut down tobacco and alcohol
Whether you are a regular or occasional smoker or drinker, try to avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption, especially if you constantly suffer from heartburn. Tobacco and alcohol increases the production of acid fumes in the stomach thereby resulting in heartburn

Avoid self-medication
Self-medication is a harmful habit, and if you are one of those who pops pills according to their wish, then it’s time to get a control over this habit. In cases of heartburn, it is always advisable to consult a doctor on how to treat heartburn and undergo proper medication. Wrong medication for heartburn would aggravate your situation even making it serious.

Sleep schedule
Doctors always advise against sleeping immediately after you have consumed food. Our digestion process takes time to process food and hence, it is necessary to take a good amount of break before you sleep. Make it a point to have light dinner. In addition to this align your neck at an angle higher than the rest of your body for better digestion.

Water content and other foods
Water is the basic element to keep a body healthy and digestion on track. Ensure to keep your water consumption high as water helps in proper digestion of food. In addition to this, consume foods which are low on heat and lighter on the stomach which will maintain your body heat thereby avoiding heartburn.

Lemon juice
Lemon is high in citric value as well as lots of vitamins which prevent acidic build up in the stomach. If you are expecting quick results, then this remedy is not for you. However, regular intake of lemon juice will give you long-term results. Lemon juice maintains the acidic build up in stomach thereby preventing heartburn.

Baking soda
Another home remedy for heartburn is baking soda. Half teaspoon of baking soda in half glass of water is a good remedy for heartburn. Whenever you suffer from heartburn, an instant intake of this concoction will relieve the burn. If the first dose fails to react, go for the second dose. Baking soda will prevent the acidic rise and cool down the burning.

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has numerous medical qualities, and it works for many medical issues. Mix two to three spoons of apple cider vinegar to half a glass of water and drink this till the burn subsides. Make it a point to keep this mixture handy whenever you have another bout of heartburn.

Exercise and yoga
To keep the stomach routine under check, ensure you keep your exercise quotient under control. Regular exercise, especially stomach exercises will help strengthen the stomach muscles as well as ease digestion process. In addition to this, there are different stomach asanas which help relieve unwanted elements from the stomach, thereby treating heartburn and keeping it healthy and refreshed.

Go the herbal way
Herbal remedies have always come handy even in grave health issues. Consult an herbal medicine expert whenever you suffer from heartburn. In addition to this, regular intake of aloe vera juice early in the morning can keep your stomach cool and treat heartburn.

There are many remedies on how to treat heartburn, but you should pick the remedy which is suitable for you. In case, you have persistent heartburn it is best to see a doctor before things spiral out of hands. Certain conditions like pregnancy may cause heartburn, but in such cases, it goes away with the condition. Home remedies may be helpful only if you are regular with them. An overall healthy lifestyle is necessary to keep such conditions away. Eliminate junk and processed foods from your body which may cause a surge of acid level in your stomach. Nature has given us a bounty of things which can provide us with nourishment and good health.