A Brief Discussion of Effective Hemorrhoid Cures


Experiencing pain or a burning sensation after every bowel movement? Well, this can be an indication of hemorrhoid or piles. Not only pain but also you may experience bleeding during bowel movements. Almost half of the entire population in the country are suffering from hemorrhoids and are looking for a cure to tackle this condition. Though piles can be cured within a couple of weeks or so, in most of the cases, it is a chronic problem that can occur at any time. If you are also suffering from piles related issues, you can either get the problem diagnosed by a doctor or you can try a few natural cures yourself.

Hemorrhoid diagnosis and cure

Consult a doctor once you experience any of the hemorrhoid symptoms and get yourself properly diagnosed. When it comes to medical diagnosis, you may like to know that the measures vary depending on the type of piles. While the piles formed externally are easily visible with the naked eye or felt during digital examination, piles that are formed internally are softer and require to be examined by sigmoidoscope, proctoscope or anoscope.

Medical cure for hemorrhoids

Like the diagnosis, treatment to varies depending on the type of piles as well as severity of the condition. In case of mild problems, doctors generally recommend some pills or ointments for your relief. However, in cases of a bigger growth, injection might be required for shrinking the extra mass causing problem.

Though injections are the least painful way to treat hemorrhoids, it might not be effective for bigger growth. In such cases, doctors may require rubber band ligation or laser removal. Both the treatment procedures, may cause bleeding, pain and temporary discomfort in the patient but can cure piles completely. Yet, there are cases, in which the entire growth is not removed by rubber band ligation or laser rays. In that case, surgery might be the only way out to cure the problem.

Also known as hemorrhoidectomy, surgery helps in removing the extra tissue growths formed in the rectum area, one of the common hemorrhoid cures. Surgical removal of piles is quite painful and is conducted under general anesthesia, spinal anesthesia or local anesthesia. While surgical removal is used for both internal as well as external piles, hemorrhoid stapling might be one of the effective hemorrhoid cures way to treat the condition. The blood flow to the affected tissues is cut down with this method and is less painful than surgery.

Natural hemorrhoid cures

Even though medical treatments are available for curing hemorrhoids, a large number of people prefer natural cures for healing the condition from within. Compared to the medical therapies, natural remedies are less painful and have no side-effects on your health. If you too are looking for natural cures, then the following measures can be helpful.

Increasing fiber in your diet
Diet change is the first and foremost thing that helps to cure piles. You need to cut off junk food, fries or spicy foods in your everyday meals. Also avoid white rice, flours and any food that can cause constipation and aggravate the problem further. Include more vegetables and fruits in your everyday diet. Eat foods that are high in fiber. You may like to know that fiber-rich foods can help in softening the stool, which in turn can cure hemorrhoid problem slowly.

Take sitz bath or warm bath
To heal the pain and sooth the condition, you can always take a sitz bath in your toilet, after every bowel movement. Apart from that, you can also take warm bath after completing your bowel. Taking a warm bath for around 15-20 minutes is useful.

Use apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar can be highly effective for both internal as well as external piles. Someone with internal problems needs to mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with equal amount of water and drink it daily. However, if the growth is external, you can dab cotton in this white liquid and apply on the affected region. Initially, you may feel a stinging sensation. Yet, the pain as well as discomfort will reduce with time and you will be completely cured in a few days.

Aloe vera gel
To avoid pain and bleeding during bowel movements, it is important for you to keep the area moistened. Though you can use several over-the-counter ointments for moistening the area, it will be better for you to apply aloe vera gel as it will check the inflammation while offering a soothing effect.

Toilet paper usage
Cleaning yourself with dry toilet papers can further aggravate the condition. Therefore, you should always use a hydrated toilet paper as an alternative relief hemorrhoid cures. Depending on your preference, you can use toilet papers with aloe vera gel or witch hazel.

There are a number of ways to treat piles at home. You just need to know them and apply them correctly.