Effective Bladder Control Products You Should Know About


Urinary incontinence is a severe bladder problem. Some urine may leak out while laughing or sneezing of one is suffering from urinary incontinence. The problem of urinary incontinence has affected more than 12 million people worldwide.

Many people who suffer from urinary incontinence are generally embarrassed to share their problem with family and friends. However, there is nothing to worry about. Visit the urologist, and they will help you overcome the problem with effective medication and treatment.

Bladder control products are hygienic products which can prove helpful to manage the problem of urinary incontinence.

Absorbent products tarp the leaks and soak up the moisture from the skin. You don’t feel wet. Disposable underwear, pads, liners, and reusable underwear are some of the popular bladder control products. Thus, you can wear them for long durations and stay dry.

The absorbent products have saturation points which reveal how much liquid they can hold. All the above-mentioned products have different tendencies to absorb the moisture.

It is difficult to define a standard absorbent product. Different brands provide absorbent products. You can try different products and choose the best which works the best for you.

The disposable absorbent products have a waterproof backing. The durable waterproof backing prevents the leakage of the liquid to the clothes. A breathable plastic cover is the latest waterproof backing technique used to prevent liquid reach to clothes. It is soft and prevents skin irritation.

How to choose the right bladder control products?
There are different makes and models of bladder control products. The right fit for you depends on your lifestyle and body shape.

The pads are curve shaped. Pads have elastic which keep them in fixed positions and prevent the leakage from the edges. Liners are long and broader as compared to pads. They are more comfortable and give strong front-to-back protection.

You can choose from wide range of disposable underwear which has in-built protection. Different-styled undergarments such as pull-ons with elastics are highly effective. Throng styled undergarments have straps at the back and front.

Guards are bladder control products designed for men. They can be worn inside the normal undergarments. Strong adhesive tabs keep them intact with the cloth. The highly protective absorbent surface of the guards absorbs the leakage. All the moisture is quickly absorbed without giving the wet feeling.

The disposable bladder control products are quite expensive. However, they are the easiest to use and are highly hygienic. Disposable protection is the best option if you are away from home. You can use the reusable liners, undergarments, and pads for urine leaks at homes. This way it doesn’t cost too much money.

It is necessary to follow a strict schedule for the replacement of the bladder control products. You must change pads and liners when you feel wet. You need not change every time you leak. However, if the skin feels wet, consider changing the protective wear.

High-quality bladder control products have odor control features. All the incontinence products are treated with baking soda which has odor absorbing properties. Some disposable undergarments have added fragrance to keep the odor under control. However, in some cases, the odor control materials can cause irritation. Those with sensitive skin must look for products that don’t have odor control chemicals and are fragrance-free.

Apart from these bladder control products, there are detergents and sprays which work effectively to remove the stains of urine on clothes, furniture, or mattresses. You can buy these sprays from medical stores or pharmacies.

Some barrier bladder control products for urinary incontinence are:
There are some devices which can effectively control the urine flow.

Tampons or vaginal sponges can be placed inside the vagina. These devices exert pressure on the bladder tissues and provide control for short durations. Tampons prove highly beneficial when the urine leaks are due to stress, laughter, sneezing, or exercising.

Pessary is another device made of plastic which offers protection for twenty-four hours. It can be inserted in the vagina. Small pressure is exerted on the urethra muscles which gives support to the pelvic area. You need to visit the doctor to get the right device depending on your pelvis size. The devices must be cleaned regularly and replaced every year.

Penile compression clamp is an efficient device for men which can be used at times of urinary incontinence. They must be used with extreme care and precision after the approval of the doctor.

Vaginal guards are disposable polyurethane devices which can be placed in the vagina and give good results for urine control.

If you suffer from regular urinary leaks, it is advised to get the appropriate bladder control products. These products keep you dry and even control the flow of accidental leaks. You can choose from above-mentioned products as per which one suits you best, or you can consult your urologist for a better recommendation.