Different Treatments for Facial Hair Removal


Women face a daily challenge to keep their faces healthy and hair free. Due to which there’s an increase in demand for face hair removal treatments. There are many natural face hair removal treatments most women try at home before yielding for external ways of face hair removal treatments.

Some women suffer from hormonal imbalance that leads to facial hair growth due to which they have to opt for laser treatments and other creams that promise hair reduction or hair thinning. Most of you must have noticed that face hair removal treatments are not as effective as it is claimed, and this is not because they were ineffective but because they cannot change your internal hormonal imbalance.

The best face hair removal treatment for women includes a proper diet and lifestyle that brings the hormones back in their balanced form, resulting in reduction in facial hair growth. If you have notices unwanted and abnormal facial hair growth, there are chances that your internal system is not balanced. Before you opt for solutions to reduce facial hair, make sure you consult a doctor.

If you eat right and cut down on the intake of junk food, alcohol, smoking, and drugs (if any) and instead start consuming healthy food like vegetables, fruits, and natural organic products, you will see the positive effects on the body. In addition to this, keep yourself active with various exercises like dance, yoga, Zumba or brisk walking. This will help you reform your health and get rid of facial hair naturally without spending money. This will also help in stabilizing your health.
However, women do have facial hair that naturally grows in some parts of the body. The minimal hair that women have above their upper lip can be removed permanently and temporarily. Some women get their upper lip hair removed using wax, but that isn’t a permanent hair removal solution. You will probably have to go back to get it removed every 15 days. There are pros and cons to waxing method. Waxing is done near the eyebrows to give them a shape, one the sideburns, and upper lips. Waxing can last longer than two weeks depending on the individual’s hair growth. Due to waxing, there are chances of in-growth which can become chronic leading to bacterial infection and permanent scarring.

Another face hair removal treatment is that of using tweezers for removing hair from eyebrows. Most women get the extras removed and hence it is the easiest way to remove only extra hair around the eyebrows. It lasts for three weeks but can be painful, especially if you have sensitive. It is a repetitive method as you only pluck one hair at a time, it can hurt each time your hair is getting plucked.

Laser treatment is one of the permanent facial hair removal treatments in the recent times. Laser hair removal treatment can be done on any part of the body that has hair. Ideally, they work best on underarms region, but women get it done for facial hair as well. Since it is a permanent hair removal method, the hair can regrow as it is a natural phenomenon. However, the laser face hair removal treatment does reduce the hair growth that works just as well as hair removal. In most cases, you will feel no pain except for little stinging sensation every time a hair follicle is zapped. There have been successful and unsuccessful cases reported by several women. Mixed reviews can make you think twice before going for this option.

Women often opt for depilatory creams as face hair removal treatment. These creams are simple to use, and they don’t require any professional assistance while using. You can just follow the instructions that are mentioned on the cream’s box or in the leaflet inside it. If you are still confused, consult a dermatologist for the same. After applying the cream, the chemical in them dissolves the hair which can then can be wiped or washed off after a particular time. Creams can be used on any part of the body. There are creams for removing hair from different parts of the body as well. Some are exclusively for facial hair or pubic hair removal only. Before you opt for such creams, make sure you do a patch test. Some creams may not be suitable for sensitive skin. Usage of such screams may lead to severe allergic reactions. Consult a skin specialist before you opt for a face hair removal treatment.

The best thing about using creams is that they are not expensive and if you don’t see any result, you can either change the cream you are using and get a new one, or you can go for other options of getting the facial hair removed.