Diagnosis and Medications for a Migraine


A constant pain or a throbbing sensation restricted to only one side of the head can be a warning of a migraine. The severity of the pain varies from one individual to other. While some get it for a few hours, there are others, who experience a pulsing sensation in their head for days. Apart from the discomfort in the head, people with a migraine also complain of sound or light sensitivity, vomiting as well as nausea. Even though a migraine causes an alarming situation often leading to temporary disabling of the patient, is a curable condition and medications for migraines are available at ease.

Consult a doctor – Just taking any over-the-counter pill for a headache is not sufficient for treating migraine. To deal with the condition, you need to consult a doctor and get proper therapy done. Follow his guidance and take the pills as recommended. When taking medications for migraines, you need to know, whether it is for healing the condition or for preventing any future occurrence. Mostly, doctors offer healing medications for migraines in the initial stages of treatment, so that the patient can get relief from the constant pain. You should not just get the treatment paused as soon as the condition is healed. Consult your doctor to get preventive treatment and check the occurrence in future.

Make a note of occurrence – For a complete treatment of a migraine, it is important for you to note the frequency of occurrence in a dairy. The log of occurrence should be maintained even after you start taking medications as this will help you in understanding, whether you are on the right path or not.

Lifestyle changes – Though a migraine is not a lifestyle disease, making some alterations in your living habits can help you in dealing the problem effectively. Eat healthily and maintain a balanced working schedule. Inadequate rest or sleep can trigger a migraine headache. Not only inadequate sleep but also an irregular sleeping pattern is responsible for a migraine. Some people get migraine problem after oversleeping. It is also advisable to avoid caffeine drinks or alcoholic beverages in excess, as these can deteriorate the condition.

Treat the related conditions – Though a headache or an intense pain on one side of the head is considered to be the major problem for people suffering from this condition, yet you need to give due importance to the related conditions. Vomiting and nausea, which are some of the most common symptoms of a migraine, should be given importance during the treatment procedure or else it can worsen the condition of the patient.

Reduce stress – The increased competition in the modern world and the hectic lifestyle of people often leads to excess stress in the body. Excess stress can lead to different health problems, migraine being one of them. To avoid migraine trigger from stress, you should try to relax after the end of a hectic day. Yoga or physical exercises to keep yourself stress-free is a good choice in this regard.

Alternative medications for migraines – Apart from the conventional therapy system, migraine can also be treated with alternative methods like a massage. Though there is no proven research, it is often found that massage therapy has helped in preventing the frequent recurrence of migraine pain. In the long term, people often get relieved of the condition completely.

Acupuncture – Known for improving different types of body pain, acupuncture has helped many to cure a migraine completely. There are several clinical studies to back the fact, and you can certainly opt for the same.

Ayurveda – Owing to the different types of side-effects from the conventional medications for migraines, many people are now relying on Ayurveda for healthy living. Many patients claim to have received successful migraine cure from Ayurveda, and you can also give it a try. Make sure to get the treatment from a reputed practitioner.

Biofeedback – While many people have expressed doubts regarding the success of the other alternative therapies, several have vouched for biofeedback. It is said that the relaxation techniques used in this treatment procedure help in the relaxation of the muscle. This, in turn, reduces the stress level of the body, which in the long run helps in curing migraine.

A headache is one of the prime symptoms of a migraine. However, one should not take any medications for migraines without getting the condition diagnosed by a doctor. Taking over-the-counter pills without consulting a doctor can be detrimental to your health, and you may experience some severe side-effects in future. Therefore, visit a doctor if you face the discomfort frequently and get the medical examinations done.

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI and Computerized Tomography scan or CT scan are generally recommended for diagnosing the condition. Doctors may also recommend some blood tests and even lumbar puncture or spinal tap before starting the treatment.