Dealing with Sore Throat Caused by Allergies

Home Remedies

Allergies are discomforting and only people who suffer from this condition can come understand the constant inconvenience it causes. From itchy skin to constant coughing, it can also lead to a burning sensation. Allergies result in several kinds of unpleasant symptoms. Allergy reactions typically take place when one’s immune system is intolerant towards certain substances that are allergens. These allergens can be any substances, from dust mites and pollen to bee venom. Allergies can affect any individual, irrespective of age or sex.

Allergies can be severe; however, in most cases, the repercussions include mild symptoms. One common mild allergic reaction that many people suffer from is a sore throat. Yes, a sore throat from allergies can sound unusual but there is a very high chance that an itchy and inflamed throat is caused by an allergen.

How is a sore throat from allergies caused?
The body reacts to different allergens in different ways. It is possible that one of the allergens is making the throat itch. The throat is comprised of walls from the inside that are covered with mucous membrane. This membrane contains nerves that can turn sensitive to one or many allergens. It reacts to impure air, inflammatory reactions or even some types of foods. The mucosal glands also produce mucus throughout the day. This mucus is responsible for keeping your respiratory tract moist and clean at all times. It also protects you from any kinds of infections and ensures the smooth passage of food and water. Then the glands encounter an allergen, they secrete too much or not enough mucus. The excess exposition of nerves or excess mucus leads to soreness and tickling in the throat.

Symptoms that indicate a sore throat caused by allergies
The symptoms begin with mild coughing and go on to become more aggressive. The constant coughing can also lead to small droplets of blood in the mucus. Throat irritation is another common symptom, with the throat feeling like it’s getting inflamed. One may also experience a severe burning sensation that can last for a few hours. A more severe symptom includes finding it difficult to speak clearly with runny and itchy eyes.

Home remedies to deal with a sore throat from allergies
It is essential to treat or prevent the allergy to avoid the condition from escalating to a sore throat. The pivotal step is to recognize and limit exposure to the allergens that are causing the sore and itchiness in the throat. Keep yourself away from possible allergens such as cigarette smoke and dust. Also, when out in the open, wear a scarf or sunglasses to protect yourself from the allergen in the environment. However, no matter how much of precautions you undertake, it isn’t always easy to avoid allergens and here are some home remedies to treat a sore throat from allergies.
– Salt water gargle: This is one of the most widely used home remedies for a sore throat from allergies. Combine one teaspoon of salt with one glass of warm water and stir well. Use this saline solution to gargle your mouth. You can use this remedy as many time as you like. It eases the soreness in the throat and controls constant coughing from the irritation.
– Drink warm fluids: The throat is dehydrated when the membrane cannot produce enough mucus. This is why drinking warm fluids at regular intervals hydrates the throat, thereby reducing itchiness. This also helps in washing excess mucus down the throat and makes swallowing less painful.
– Vegetable broth: Consuming vegetable broth is not only good for health but is a good home remedy for a sore throat from allergies. It eases the pain in the throat and reduces inflammation. Most importantly, the body absorbs nutrients much faster from liquids and a nutritious vegetable broth is a good substitute if you are unable to eat whole meals due to soreness.
– Ginger and honey tea: Ginger and honey are widely lauded ingredients for their antibacterial properties. They help in soothing the inflamed inner walls of the throat and reduce the burning sensation. Add a teaspoon of honey and grated ginger to some plain tea. Boil this mixture for a while and consume it while it is warm. Drink this tea at least two times a day, or whenever the throat is itching.

Over-the counter medicine may be taken during seasons of the year when the allergy is aggravated. However, refrain from popping these pills if you suffer from other medical conditions.

In the case of a severe sore throat from allergies, visit a doctor who will recommend nasal sprays and decongestants that would help in the post nasal drip and sore throats. However, these are temporary solutions.

Rather than treating the symptoms of sore throat from allergies, it is good to get to the root of the problem. Consult your doctor and he/she will advise you to run through several tests before treating the primary cause.