Cataract Treatment Options to Consider


If you are one of the members of the senior category and are suffering from blurry vision, then you might have contracted cataract in your eyes. It is a condition common today among geriatrics and can be treated both naturally and surgically. Cataract is a condition which develops when there is excessive protein build up around your eye lens making your vision hazy. This condition if not treated in nascent stages might aggravate beyond the limit at times resulting in loss of eyesight.

According to statistics over 22 million people across the world, suffer from cataracts. However, it is also alarming to know those specific symptoms of cataract are also noted in kids these days thanks to excessive exposure to gadgets and other light emitting mediums. Cataract can be explained like if you are constantly asked to see things around you through a dusted glass, is how one feels while suffering from cataract. Formation of cataract has been divided into four categories that are age-related, congenital, secondary and traumatic. Following are some cataract treatment options that patients can opt for:

Contact lens and glasses

If your cataract is still in the nascent stages and can be cured with the help of medication, then the doctor will recommend you eye drops and will ask you to wear glasses or numerical contact lenses which will help in giving you a clear vision. In addition to this, you need to mandatorily follow the doctor’s advice, by wearing the glasses or contact lenses regularly so as to avoid putting pressure on your eyes.

Lazer treatment

Thanks to advancements in technologies and the invention of new medical equipment, cataract treatment options can be administered in just a day. These surgeries are done through laser treatments wherein with the help of laser the surgeon will remove the natural lens and replace it with a humanmade one. The patient will be discharged that very day with few medications and a diet suggestion. Also, it has been noted that people who underwent this surgery had much more precise vision.

Apart from these medical treatments, there are a few natural cataract treatment options through which one can avoid cataract in the near future. Also, people suffering from ailments which can cause cataract must undertake certain care measures to avoid cataract. Risk factors include:


People suffering from diabetes are the prime targets of cataract. This ailment is now common among youngsters as well and hence is at high risk of contracting cataract. People suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes must take special care by ensuring to keep their diabetes under control to avoid cataract.


If you have a medical history of eye surgeries, you need to take special medical care to avoid cataract contraction. A previous injury to the eye or a major surgery also leads to cataract.


People undergoing treatment for glaucoma are at higher risk of contracting cataract. Consumption of medical drugs namely demecarium, isoflurophate and echothiophate increase risk of cataract development in the eye. Have a word with your doctor about this and undertake necessary measure to avoid cataract.


Excessive weight or obesity is also one of the prime reasons as to why people are contracting cataract at a young age. Obesity owing to weight issues leads to diabetes type 2, which in turn develops a cataract. Try and keep your weight in control with the help of a healthy diet.

Exposure to sunlight and artificial lights

Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight as the UB rays of the sun directly affect the lens of the eyes, thereby developing nuclear cataracts. Also, if your work demands prolonged exposure to laptop lights or other light emitting screens then ensure that you take regular breaks in between work and indulge in some eye massage. Ensure that kids are not constantly on their gadgets as it will hamper their eyesight in the longer run.

Tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco contains a harmful component named nicotine which is harmful not just for the eyes but also the whole body. Chronic smokers are at higher risk of contracting cataract. Also, people who indulge in regular drinking too can contract cataract easily. Ensure to avoid this addiction to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Family history

Keep a track of your family medical history about cataract contraction and treatment. If there is a genetic history of cataract then ensure to speak with the doctor to take special care of diet and medical treatment if any to avoid cataract in near future.

With the help of a healthy diet and routine medical checkups, one can avoid cataract contraction in early stages. In addition to this, if you suffer from symptoms associated with cataract then immediately consult an eye specialist and prevent any form of self-medication. It is important to immediately undergo treatment after considering several cataract treatment options.