Best Ways to Treat Sinus Pain Pressure

Home Remedies

Sinuses are hollow regions or pockets surrounding your nose. They secrete mucus that is drained in your nose. Sinus pain pressure is also known as Sinusitis or an infection of sinus due to which there is an inflammation in the region of the sinus pockets. This blocks the sinuses and causes pain in the facial region, congestion, and a dripping nose. The other signs and effects of a rhinosinusitis could be fever, sore throat, and also a poor judgment of smell.

There are different ways through which a sinus pain pressure can be treated. Some of the most common forms of over the counter medicines like the various anti-allergy sprays, nasal sprays to clear the mucus and other forms of antibiotics are usually used to relieve the sinus pain pressure.

Ditch the Drugs, for Natural Ways to Get Relief from Sinus Pain-Pressure

Sinus is something that can occur from a large number of factors. There could be a large number of things that could trigger off this irritation. However, doctors have confirmed the fact that sinus pain pressure occurs due to viral infection and not by bacteria, at least in most of the cases. In such a situation we see that one should not be in a hurry to take different types of medications. In case you become dependent on these medicines and nasal sprays, then, with time either you would become immune to their effects or might develop a counter allergy.

Hence, most of the doctors are of the opinion that one must wait for a few days before resorting to over the counter medicines. Often sinus pain pressure gets better on their own without taking any type of medication. Also, you could take some of the age-old home remedies and natural cure process that could offer you a better relief from sinus pain pressure.

Some Natural Measures to Cure Sinus Pain Pressure

There are certain natural measures that can be followed to get relief from sinus pain pressure. We can now take a look at them:

Flush Your Nose – You can use saline washes to clean and flush your nasal passages. This is one of the best ways to which the level of mucus could be reduced in your nose. This is a measure that could be repeated for better relief. Over a passage of four to five days, your sinus pain pressure would be better as it is.

Bromelain – Bromelain can be found in the stems of pineapple. However, there are a large number of supplements of bromelain in the market. It is one of the best ways through which sinus swelling can be combated. However, you must consult your doctor first, especially if you are taking other forms of medication.

Steam – Its proven that hot water vapor is one of the best ways through which the irritable sinuses could be given respite and relief. You can drop in a few drops of menthol or eucalyptus in hot water to get relief from your sinus pain pressure.

Drink More Water – Drink sufficient water to keep our body hydrated. This helps moisten up your sinuses and can provide relief from sinus pain pressure. You must stay away from alcoholic beverages and drinks that are high in caffeine content. Be sure to observe your urine color. This is one of the best ways through which you can understand whether you are adequately hydrated or not.

Spicy Food – This is good news for people who love spicy and hot food. Doctors often say that to clear up your sinus pain pressure you could actually add a good amount of spice and hotness to your food. Just toss some extra bell and chili peppers so that you can have a hot meal.

Keep Sources of Allergy at Bay – When you have sinus pain pressure be sure that no external factors can make the situation worse for you. So, ensure that you keep your home as clean as possible. This is why you must be very sure to get rid of dust mites, dirt on the doormats, etc. be careful when you clean your curtains and bed sheets. Keep your pets at bay and also do away with flowers that have pollen.

Humidifier – It is integral to your sinus pain pressure. Thirty to fifty percent humidity is required to be healthy. It’s one of the main reasons why you must use a humidifier during the dry months to keep the sinuses moist. However, be sure to clean the humidifier clean of molds as this causes more allergies.

Warm Compress – Warm compress is yet again another way through which you can get respite from sinus pain pressure.

Treating sinus pain pressure. Use any of the ways mentioned above to get relief.