Best Remedies for Peyronie’s Disease That You Must Know

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Peyronies is a medical ailment of the penis which is caused due to scar tissues known as plaque. This plaque gets formed inside the penis and can make the penis to bend in upward or downward direction.

However, it does not mean that men who suffer from peyronies cannot have sex. It is only that they will have difficulty in having sex.

Cause of Peyronies

The exact reason for peyronies is not known. However, people who have done some research on this topic agree with the assumption that the plaque formation which eventually leads to peyronies occurs after trauma. This trauma leads to bleeding which occurs inside the penis.

Diagnosis of Peyronies

The patient will have to tell the doctor about any injury that might have occurred before the symptoms of peyronies came up. An x-ray or ultrasound of the penis might have to be done for diagnosis of peyronies.

Sometimes the diagnosis by a doctor is also not able to list out the symptoms of peyronies and thus the doctor might have to perform a biopsy. In a biopsy, a small bit of tissue from the affected region is removed and could be sent to the lab for further result analysis.

Is Peyronies Treatable?

There are some peyronies disease remedies but sometimes the disease gets cured on its own among the men. The pain that occurs in peyronies is mild and usually withers away in few minutes of beginning.

Peyronies Disease Remedies

Surgery and medicine are the two viable options for treating peyronies. A pill such as Pentoxifylline or Potaba might be prescribed by the doctor for treating a condition related to peyronies. In case these do not show the desired results a shot of collagenase in the scar tissues of the penis will help.

If none of the above mentioned peyronies disease remedies give a viable cure from this problem, surgery is recommended which a doctor will most likely perform in cases when doing sex with the partner gets difficult.

The operation can also be performed by the doctor in case the medications do not work. In these operations a doctor usually removes the plaque and a grafted tissue is substituted in its place. Alternatively, the tissue on sides of the penis which is opposite to plaque can also be removed. This will counter the bending effect peyronies has.

However, certain precautions also come along with these two operations. In the first case, some erection problem might surface while in the second case shortening of erect penis might follow.

A penile prosthesis can also be implanted in some cases. However, this option is for men who suffer from peyronies disease and also face problems related to erectile dysfunction.

Intake of Vitamin

Intake of the vitamin is also known to reduce the incidence of peyronies. There have been mixed instances of people getting cured due to high intake of Vitamin E and potassium aminobenzoate but this has not been proved.

Other Peyronies Disease Remedies

Other peyronies disease remedies include injecting of chemicals into the plaque. radiation therapy can also be tried. However, radiation therapy relieves the pain which is associated with peyronies; this therapy is generally not tried as pain diminishes on its own with time.

Management of Pain

Pain subsides on its own within 6 to 18 month in men who suffer from penile pain due to peyronies disease. The injury heals and pain also diminishes.

Herbal cure for Peyronies

Among peyronies disease remedies are numerous herbal cure options which can also be tried if medications do not work.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is known to reduce the problems which occur due to the formation of fibrous tissues under the skin. This also helps in reducing the incidence of peyronies disease. This medication option is available in tablet, tincture, ointment form. The dosage also depends upon the age and medical condition of the patient.

However, before Gotu Kala is taken for curing the curvature problem of the penis, consultation from a doctor should be taken.


This is an enzyme which is found in pineapple juice. Its usage prevents the deposition of fibrin and helps in curing conditions arising due to peyronies. The deposition of fibrin leads to the thickness of fibrous connective tissue in the penis.

If Bromelain is taken in a controlled manner, peyronies does not occur. A dosage of 750 mg of Bromelain taken three times a day on empty stomach will prevent peyronies from occurring. However, like always it is essential that consultation from a registered medical practitioner is done before Bromelain is taken, else side effects might come up and cause a problem in the long run.

Castor Oil

Castor oil which is extracted from seeds of castor is also known to reduce the thickness of the penis. It softens the hard tissues in the penis and thus prevents the occurrence of peyronies. The oil can be applied directly to the penis for better results.